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Workers’ Compensation Claims Following Traffic Accidents


Published in Workers Compensation on June 15, 2020.

Two men crash into each other with their cars

Many people operate motor vehicles as part of their job duties. Whether you are a full-time driver or your boss asks you to make certain trips, there is the chance that you could be injured in a traffic accident. While you might have an idea how to proceed after a regular car crash (such as stop and exchange insurance information), you The following is some general information about possible rights following a work-related collision. To discuss your specific situation, reach out to our Macon workers’ compensation attorneys directly. 

Eligibility for Workers’ Comp Benefits

In order for workers’ compensation to apply to a vehicle accident, you must have been driving in the course of your employment. Many people might be involved in car accidents while they are working, including:

  1. Couriers
  2. Delivery drivers
  3. Bus drivers
  4. Commercial truck drivers
  5. Construction workers
  6. Chauffeurs
  7. Shuttle drivers

Even if you are an administrative assistant that sometimes gets your boss’s dry cleaning or lunch orders, you are considered to be driving on the job. As long as you were not conducting personal errands or business, you should qualify for workers’ compensation benefits if you sustained injuries in the accident. 

What to Do Following the Crash

If an accident happens while you are working, you should take the steps you normally would, including calling 911. Medical personnel can transport you if needed or advise you to seek treatment in the emergency room on your own. Police officers can investigate whether the other driver or drivers involved violated the law, which can help your case in many situations. 

If you believe you might have any injuries, get a medical evaluation right away. You want to have records that show your injuries stemmed from the car crash and not another event. In addition, report the accident to your employer as soon as possible – either before or after you receive medical care. Then, you want to contact a lawyer who can help with your workers’ compensation claim and other legal options. 

Possible Additional Compensation

Workers’ compensation should provide benefits no matter who was at fault for the crash. However, if another driver was to blame due to negligence, you might be able to seek additional compensation based on third-party liability. You can file an insurance claim against that driver, which can result in compensation for additional losses than workers’ compensation might cover. It is always important to have a lawyer explore this option following a crash. 

Consult with a Macon Workers’ Compensation Lawyer About Your Claim

The legal team of Nelson & Smith, Attorneys at Law, stands up for the rights of workers injured in various ways on the job. If you were in a traffic crash, we will explore all possible sources of compensation, including from workers’ comp and third-party liability. This can be a complex situation, and you want to have the right Macon workers’ compensation attorney handling your claim. For a free consultation and to learn about our services, please call (478) 746-1468 or contact us online today.