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Available Worker’s Comp Benefits for Injured Workers in Georgia

Published in Workers Compensation on April 1, 2019.

In Georgia, all employers comply with federal laws that require worker’s compensation insurance. Any employer who hires more than one worker purchases adequate coverage for all workers. If a worker is injured, the employer file an insurance claim to cover certain expenses for the worker. A denial of worker’s compensation benefits often leads to a legal claim to collect compensation. A Workers Comp Lawyer in Macon offers legal assistance for any workers who are denied benefits.

What Worker’s Compensation Benefits are Available to Injured Workers?

Under worker’s compensation insurance statutes, eligible workers receive full payment for all medical treatments through the medical benefits. Mileage reimbursement provided to workers for traveling to and from the doctor’s office. Next, vocational rehabilitation helps workers who are unable to return to the same position due to their injuries. The program trains individuals to perform new jobs duties and help them obtain employment.

Death and funeral benefits are available for workers who die due to their injuries. Currently, the death benefits equal to two-thirds of the worker’s average wages. Our Workers Comp Lawyer in Macon provides clarity about eligibility and covered conditions.

Statistical Data About Worker’s Comp Cases in GA

The Georgia Board of Worker’s Compensation outlines requirements for temporary disabilities covered under worker’s compensation insurance. Workers who perform light duty work can receive two-thirds of their income. The temporary partial disability benefits won’t exceed $383 each week, and the worker receives the payments for a maximum of 350 weeks.

Temporary full disability payments won’t exceed $575 each week. The benefits are available for a maximum of 400 weeks. Employees who receive the benefits are unable to return to their jobs immediately and require an extensive recovery period.

How Do Worker’s Comp Cases Affect Families?

Workers who sustain injuries on the job require fast claim’s processing that offers financial support for them and their families. If a denial happens, the individual and their family suffer emotionally and financially. Worker-related injuries often cause the loss of their home and livelihood after a denial of benefits. Additionally, the physical toll of the injuries stops workers from enjoying the same quality of life they had before the accident.

Why Do Injured Workers Need a Workers Compensation Attorney?

In cases, the injured workers aren’t just fighting their employer. The claim includes the insurance provider, too. Insurance companies have knowledge of strategies used to deny worker’s compensation claims effectively. It is through the techniques, that the insurer and employer avoid paying benefits to the injured workers. Our Workers Compensation Attorneys in Macon provides legal representation and advises the workers about how to fight back.

Nelson and Smith practice in worker’s compensation law and understand the full impact that the cases have on families and injured workers. The firm knows how to approach a legal claim against an employer and/or an insurance provider. Workers who need to hire a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Macon turn to Nelson and Smith and acquire help that increases the odds of the best possible outcome in their case.

In Georgia, federal insurance laws enforce worker’s compensation insurance requirements. The laws also require employers to provide benefits for all eligible workers who sustain on-the-job injuries. A Workers Compensation Lawyer in Macon at Nelson and Smith helps with all injured workers who were denied the benefits. Call Nelson and Smith right now to schedule an appointment!

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