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Winter Road Trips Can Involve Accidents

Published in Car Accidents on January 7, 2020.

When you head out to your holiday destination this year, take the necessary precautions to help make it a safe trip. And if a negligent motorist leaves you or someone you love injured, consult with a Macon car accident attorney.

Increased Risks during the Holidays

The fact is that there are a variety of factors that increase the risk of traffic accidents over the holidays, including:

  • An increase in traffic (everyone wants to be home for the holidays)
  • An uptick in festivities that often involve drinking
  • An increase in pressure (everyone has somewhere to be, and schedules are tight)
  • Weather considerations

Higher Holiday Traffic

You are not alone in your desire to spend the holidays with your family, and this means that some of the heaviest traffic of the year happens right around the holidays. With heavy traffic comes an increase in traffic accidents. Do what you can to mitigate your risk, including: 

  • Traveling during daylight hours 
  • Carefully planning your route to avoid major cities whenever possible (especially at rush hour)
  • Watching the weather and planning accordingly

Impaired Drivers

The holidays are a time of celebration, and unfortunately, this often means that there are more impaired drivers on the road. The holidays can even induce otherwise sensible motorists to relax their standards and to drive while under the influence of alcohol. Impaired drivers are always dangerous drivers, and they put everyone with whom they share the road at risk. 

Aggressive Drivers

While the holidays represent a peaceful season, many of us feel anything but. Most of us are rushed at best. Some motorists allow this to negatively affect their driving, which makes our roads less safe for everyone. Driving is an immense responsibility that necessitates focusing on the task of maneuvering safely and putting our emotions on hold. The most recognizable signs of aggressive driving include excessive speeding, weaving in and out of traffic, and tailgating menacingly. Steer clear of aggressive drivers in your midst. 

Mind the Weather

Winter weather often means ice and snow in different destinations, which can render roadways deadly. Safe driving includes modifying one’s speed to adjust to the conditions of the road. Drivers who fail to do so make holiday accidents that much more likely and that much more dangerous. 

If a Negligent Motorist Leaves You Injured during the Holidays, You Need an Experienced Macon Car Accident Attorney on Your Side

Road trips and the holidays just go together, but if a negligent driver leaves you injured in the process, it’s a serious matter. The dedicated car accident attorneys at Nelson & Smith Attorneys at Law in Macon are committed to skillfully advocating not only for your rights but also for your rightful compensation. Our formidable legal team is on your side, so please don’t hesitate to contact or call us at (478) 746-1468 for more information today.

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