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Why you should retain an experienced Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Published in Workers Compensation on October 9, 2018.

People suffer injuries on the job all the time. However, most businesses that have five or more regular, full-time employees are legally required to carry workers’ compensation insurance in case an employee sustains an on-the-job injury or illness. Although a legitimate injury should automatically qualify a worker for receiving workers’ comp benefits, there are times when, unfortunately, a person might require the services of a workers’ compensation attorney.

Situations that Require Retaining a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

It may be necessary to hire a workers’ comp lawyer if any of the following applies to your situation:

  • Your on-the-job injuries or illness are severe enough to require significant medical attention, such as surgery or medication and ongoing treatment or therapy.
  • Your injury is moderate to severe in nature and your doctor doesn’t believe your condition will go away or fully improve over time, which would put you in the category of permanent partial disability.
  • You are not able to return to regular work in any type of job.
  • You believe you might not be able to return to work at your current job but think you can work to some capacity.
  • You have a preexisting condition or disability.
  • Your employer or its insurance company has denied your workers’ compensation claim and you wish to dispute the decision.
  • You are receiving workers’ compensation benefits but believe they are not the right amount or that you are entitled to additional benefits.
  • You already receive government benefits, such as Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).
  • The state workers’ compensation division has made a decision, but your employer has disputed that decision.
  • You are confused and don’t understand the workers’ compensation process and believe an attorney might be able to help you to better understand it.

Generally, the most common reasons to retain a workers’ comp lawyer are that your claim was denied, you have a preexisting condition, you receive SSDI benefits or your permanent disability rating has been disputed.

An attorney can help you to appeal a decision by your employer or the employer’s insurance company. When appealing a decision, it requires a lot of necessary paperwork that can be tedious and time-consuming. Our workers’ comp lawyer knows all of the tactics used by insurance companies and is well-equipped to gather up the important documentation to support your case at a hearing.

If your permanent disability rating has been disputed following an independent medical examination (IME), a lawyer can help by getting you a settlement that is fair. They can also speak with a judge on your behalf to claim that you are eligible for a higher permanent disability rating.

If the insurer is denying you from getting specific treatments that you need, a workers’ compensation attorney can take initiative and put pressure on it to approve your ability to get any medical treatments that you need in a timely fashion to alleviate your condition.

It’s important to immediately contact a lawyer if you are experiencing any of these workers’ compensation issues. Nelson & Smith can assist you no matter what your particular problem. Contact the law office of Nelson & Smith at your earliest convenience to get the workers’ comp benefits you deserve.

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