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Who is Liable When a Plane Crashes?


Published in Airplane Accident on January 18, 2021.

While not common, plane crashes can cause severe injuries and even fatalities. When they happen, those who acted negligently should be held liable. A personal injury attorney can help determine who is liable for your accident and work to achieve maximum compensation. 

Statistically speaking, it’s safer to travel in an airplane than in an automobile. However, when an airplane accident happens, it usually involves more people. More innocent victims are injured, some of them fatally. Determining liability in the accident can become a significant issue. This determination is crucial for injured individuals to receive the compensation they deserve for their damages. They often turn to experienced Macon aviation accident lawyers for help handling their injury claims.

What is Liability?

Liability refers to legal responsibility. Individuals or entities that act negligently and cause harm to other parties can be held liable for their actions. In a personal injury claim, liability and negligence must be proven through four elements. These include:

  • A person or party owed another a duty of care
  • They breached their duty of care
  • Their breach caused the injuries of the other person
  • The person’s injuries resulted in their damages

When you hire Macon aviation accident attorneys to represent your claim, they will work hard to prove each of these elements to maximize your compensation.

Commercial Airline Crashes

If you or a loved one were traveling on a commercial airplane, the airliner typically has liability. As such, compensation can be recovered from the airline or their insurance company. Whether the plane accident was caused by a pilot error, a malfunction of the airplane, inclement weather, or some other act of God, commercial airlines want to protect their reputation. They will settle their injury claims to take care of their liability. If you were in a commercial airline accident, skilled Macon aviation accident attorneys can help maximize your compensation.

Private Plane Accidents

Unfortunately, when a private plane crashes, liability becomes more complex than commercial plane crashes. Commercial airlines want to settle their claims quickly without litigation so that it serves their business interest. Most private plane accidents are the result of pilot error. If the pilot was negligent in their actions, they could be held personally responsible for the injuries and damages they cause. 

Most private pilots carry insurance, similar to drivers carrying car insurance. If they are liable for the accident, their insurance policy will cover the damages. If they don’t have insurance, they will be required to pay for the damages out of their own pocket.

Get the Help of Reputable Macon Aviation Accident Attorneys Today

No matter what type of plane accident you were involved in, you deserve compensation for your injuries. In these types of accidents, it can be challenging to get the fair recovery you need. However, your chances increase when you have legal counsel by your side.

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