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What are the leading causes of Brain Injuries?


Published in brain injury on August 23, 2018.

Many clients arrive at the offices of the Macon injury attorney, Nelson & Smith looking for justice after a traumatic brain injury leaves them unable to work or live in the way they are accustomed. A brain injury may be the result of a trauma or an illness, however, a stroke is cited as the leading cause of brain injuries overall. In terms of traumatic brain injuries caused by a blow to the head of some sort, the most common cause is a fall. Brainline reports 47 percent of traumatic brain injuries are caused by a fall in the U.S. each year, followed by 15 percent caused by a blow to the head of some sort.

The figures regarding traumatic brain injury can prove shocking for many who do not know the full extent of the number of injuries sustained over the course of a single year. Around 2.8 million people were treated for traumatic brain juries in 2013 in the U.S. alone with over 1.3 million resulting from a fall. Following a blow to the head as the second leading cause of a traumatic brain injury are traffic accidents which affect almost 200,000 people per year.

At Nelson & Smith, we understand the life-changing nature of a traumatic brain injury can be both physical and emotional. A major brain injury can leave the affected individual in need of round-the-clock care from medical professionals or members of their family which can cause both an emotional and financial strain. Symptoms of a brain injury can include confusion, blurred vision, and speech problems. Major issues facing an individual following a brain injury can include headaches, seizures, and personality changes causing concern for both the individual and their loved ones.

Obtaining the help of a team of qualified and experienced legal professionals is one of the most beneficial tasks to undertake when a brain injury is identified by a medical professional. Among the issues an individual and their family can face is the massive financial burden of medical bills for the prolonged care of a brain injury. Establishing an insurance claim can be made and who is to blame for the injury are both aspects of the investigation into a brain injury that the legal experts at Nelson & Smith will undertake for their clients. Personal injury claims can take many forms and provide relief in a variety of ways when a respected Macon Injury Attorney begins fighting for their client.

If you have been involved in any form of accident and feel you have been affected by any of the well-known symptoms of a brain injury, call Nelson & Smith today. Making the call and setting up a consultation with this respected law firm could be the first step towards achieving justice and peace of mind for the future.

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