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What are some Motorcycle safety tips?


Published in Motorcycle Accident on May 21, 2018.

While motorcycles are a great deal of fun and an efficient way of getting around, they can be dangerous. According to the National Transportation Highway Safety Administration, motorcycles can be 30 times more dangerous than a car. The death toll on motorcycle crashes has increased astronomically over the last ten years. In fact, nearly half of all single accident motorcycle crashes result in deaths. The numbers are even higher with older riders who have slower reflexes and weaker eyesight.

There are a number of motorcycle safety tips that bikers can utilize that may decrease the chances of them getting injured or killed. Motorcycles are fast, and riders often have very little protection besides a helmet. Evening your odds is the key. Unfortunately, some riders take a great deal for granted. But it only takes one wrong move to end it all. The following tips could increase your motorcycle safety;

  1. Don’t buy a bike that you can’t handle. This is a big problem for many riders. You have to crawl before you can walk. Learning the ropes on a smaller bike is a necessity. Find one that fits your experience and comfort level. You should have good handlebar control and your feet should easily be able to touch the ground. If this isn’t the case, find another bike.


  1. Hone your skills. There are a number of motorcycle schools where you can practice and learn the rules of the road. Motorcycle safety courses not only hone your skills, they offer refreshers for all levels of experience. Costs vary, but the classes are money well spent.


  1. Invest in anti-lock brakes. This type of brakes can save your life. According to statistics, bikes equipped with ABS are around 37 percent less likely to be involved in fatal accidents. ABS brakes can prevent panicked riders from losing control of their motorcycle and crashing. You are far more likely to regain control of your bike if the brakes don’t lock.


  1. Avoid bad weather. Ride in poor weather conditions as little as possible. During and after rain, surfaces can be slick. And not only that, visibility during a rainstorm can be very poor. If you have to ride, take it slow and easy.


  1. Watch out for road hazards. There are many things that can make a bike slide such as wet leaves and oil. You also need to watch out for pits and potholes. Not only is there a chance of losing control of your bike if you hit an obstruction, you can also get thrown. So try to avoid road hazards as much as you can.

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