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    Warner Robins Worker’s Compensation Lawyers

    A workplace injury can be physically, financially, and emotionally taxing. Time away from the job, growing medical expenses, and physical therapy are just a few factors that can cause stress levels to rise. Employees who are injured while working are eligible for workers compensation to cover their medical needs and lost wages. However, sometimes workers comp may not be enough. Therefore, anyone who is injured on the job should immediately report the injury to his or her attorney and consult Warner Robins Worker’s Compensation Lawyers.

    What is Workers Compensation Insurance?

    The state of Georgia requires businesses with three or more part-time or full-time employees to carry workers’ comp insurance. In the event that a worker is injured or becomes ill on the job, workers’ comp coverage provides medical benefits, rehabilitation support, and supplementary income. Injured workers may receive two-thirds of their weekly earnings up to $575 per week in income for up to 400 weeks, depending on the nature of the injury. The Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation reports the state paid a total of $768,042,576 in indemnity benefits to injured workers in 2019. It is critically important for a workers’ comp claim to be filed directly with the state within one month of the date of injury; otherwise, the injured worker may not be permitted to receive benefits. In some cases, an employee may require more compensation than workers’ comp allows; therefore, it is always wise to work with the Warner Robins Worker’s Compensation Lawyers to help ensure the injury is properly documented and to receive knowledgeable counsel regarding all legal options prior to filing.

    Workplace Injuries Can Affect Workers and Families

    Workplace injuries vary in terms of severity. A stock associate may strain his or her back while lifting a heavy box, or a warehouse worker be injured by a piece of equipment and require surgery, months of physical therapy, and job duty modification due to physical limitations. In addition to physical injuries, workplace injuries place additional stress on families due to loss of income and the need for the injured party to receive additional care. Stress over medical bills and lifestyle disruption can make the recovery process even more challenging for injured workers. For these reasons, states offer workers’ compensation coverage as a solution that is intended to work in favor of the worker, the employer, and the insurance company.

    Reasons to Hire Warner Robins Worker’s Compensation Lawyers

    While workers’ comp insurance is intended to be a positive solution for all parties involved, sometimes a worker’s claim may be wrongfully denied. Employers may also dispute a worker’s claim in an effort to prevent their insurance premiums from rising. In some cases, an injured worker may be able to recover compensation from a third party who may have contributed to his or her injury; this is often the case when a worker is injured while using defective equipment. Competent Warner Robins Worker’s Compensation Lawyers will examine all parties who may potentially be at fault and help the worker establish his or her case for the compensation he or she needs.

    Contact Nelson & Smith

    The attorneys at Nelson & Smith have helped numerous Warner Robins workers fight for the benefits they deserve. Contacting an attorney is a straightforward process. First, a member of the law firm’s staff will interview the injured worker to determine the facts of the case. Then the attorney will advise the injured worker of all the legal implications of his or her case and help the worker understand the legal process and ways in which the issue may be resolved. No injured worker should proceed through the workers’ comp process alone. Having the help of trustworthy Warner Robins Worker’s Compensation Lawyers can provide an element of peace of mind during a process that can otherwise be very difficult and trying. Contact us today.