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    Warner Robins Truck Accident Lawyers

    Being involved in a big-rig truck accident is a harrowing experience for anyone. Anytime tractor-trailers are a component of an accident serious injuries are a common result, if not fatalities. Truck accidents can also lead to other calamities at the crash scene when dangerous chemicals and shifted loads are a result of the mishap. Even when a truck driver is not the only negligent driver involved, there can still be extensive damage to multiple vehicles. Innocent bystanders can also be injured from the fallout or a resulting fire such as when a placarded tanker-trailer is ruptured in a crash. The number of scenarios that can arise from a truck accident can range widely, and each accident will be unique in some aspect. These kind of complications often make unraveling the accident a very difficult legal task, which is a task that always requires effective and aggressive representation from Warner Robins Truck Accident Lawyers when pursuing compensation from the all negligent parties.

    Call the Warner Robins Truck Accident Lawyers Immediately

    Evidence can evaporate fast following a truck accident because law enforcement and transportation officials will want the highway cleared immediately. Material facts can be found practically anywhere associated with a trucking accident, including damage to other passenger vehicles as well. Truck accidents that do not have an apparent cause can be especially problematic because insurance providers and trucking companies will have investigation teams on the scene even before claims are being filed. The purpose of the quick response is to attempt getting control of the situation quickly, along with potentially influencing the accident reconstruction specialists. Injured plaintiffs who do not retain legal counsel quickly could have no voice in the initial process when the potentially negligent respondents are already on the case. They also commonly know the local accident officials personally, which can also put injured parties at a great disadvantage. Warner Robins Truck Accident Lawyers can inspect all evidence or proposed facts included in the official report and question all officials regarding their determinations, including crafting a competing version of events with an independent investigation.

    Determining Fault

    The most difficult component of settling a truck accident collision case is assigning fault for the wreck. Sometimes it is obvious and only one party is designated. But, the truth is that most truck accidents will be strongly defended, and it is usually done trucking company claims of personal contribution by the plaintiff. Truck accidents regularly include several vehicles, even resulting in pile ups in some instances, and each party to the mishap will have a legal team defending the fault level of their clients. Fault is not officially determined until a case goes to a full trial before a jury, but it is central to all negotiations that could result in a settlement to avoid a trial. Georgia comparative negligence law bars any plaintiff from injury recovery if they have over 50% comparative fault assignment, and those with less percentage will still be discounted by that number when being awarded damages. Fault is vital to an equitable injury settlement, and this is the area where the Nelson & Smith Law Firm fights the strongest for their injured clients.

    Potential Damages

    Truck accident cases can result in significant damages for injured parties based on material case facts. Compensatory damages include physical property damage, medical bill coverage and expenses, total lost wages, and general damages for pain-and-suffering. Truck accidents also cause many highway fatalities, which can leave the decedent’s family with standing for additional legal action in a wrongful death case, especially when a personal injury case will include punitive damage awards based on gross negligence by the truck driver or the trucking company. Product liability claims are also a potential component of a truck accident case as well when accidents are caused by defective auto parts. Personal injury attorneys are not required to prove negligence in product liability cases, which could increase total settlement values significantly.

    Contact Nelson and Smith Injury Lawyers

    The best possibility associated with settling a truck accident claim is that trucking companies are required to carry extensive liability insurance protection and there may be multiple avenues for financial compensation following the fact. They are always complicated and seriously defended cases, and it is always imperative to contact the experienced Warner Robins Truck Accident Lawyers like the professionals at Nelson & Smith Law Firm who have an excellent track record of results for their clients.