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    Warner Robins Slip and Fall Accidents Lawyers

    Slip and fall accidents can happen virtually anywhere and dramatically change a person’s life. Although most people fall at one time or another and suffer very minor injuries if any, there are cases in which falling may be caused by another person’s negligence, and the fall victim sustains a major injury. If the fall occurs due to an improperly maintained walkway or other hazard, slip and fall victims may file a claim against the property owner to recover compensation for their medical bills and lost wages. People in the Warner Robbins area who are suffering from injuries related to a slip and fall accident should contact Warner Robins Slip and Fall Accidents Lawyers to learn about their legal options. Many slip and fall accident victims assume they have no choice but to suffer on their own with no recourse. Fortunately, that is not the case.

    Elements of a Slip and Fall Accident

    The term “slip and fall” describes instances in which a person slips or trips and falls while on someone else’s property. If the fall occurs as a result of a hazard the property owner created or allowed by failing to exercise the legally-mandated level of care to keep the premises safe, a person who sustains injury as a result of the fall may file suit. Many slip and fall cases take place in grocery stores when spills are left unattended and on slippery pavement during adverse weather conditions. According to the CDC, approximately 20 to 30 percent of people involved in slip and fall incidents are moderately to severely injured as a result of the fall. Therefore, injuries may require long-term medical treatment, and the victim may be required to take time off work. Civil law permits slip and fall victims to file a court action in the interest of allowing victims to receive compensation to cover the financial loss, and in some cases emotional injury, that can occur as a result of a fall.

    Possible Slip and Fall Injuries

    Injuries suffered by slip and fall victims can vary greatly, depending on the victim’s physical condition prior to the fall and the nature of the hazardous condition. Bruises, broken bones, and sprains are common. Some people may sustain a head or spinal cord injury, which can be very severe. The CDC reports more than 19,000 people die in the U.S. every year due to injuries caused by unintentional falls. Therefore, some slip and fall cases involve very large pre-trial settlements and judgments. People who are injured as a result of a slip and fall accident may also experience emotional trauma as a result of sustaining a serious injury and the potentially long, arduous road to recovery.

    Warner Robins Slip and Fall Accidents Lawyers Can Help

    Attorneys who are experienced in handling slip and fall cases have developed the knowledge and skill injured plaintiffs need to have on their side when pursuing legal action. A personal injury attorney will ask all the right questions to determine the facts of the case and guide the injured party through getting all the required medical exams that are necessary to properly document the extent and cause of his or her injuries. The lawyer will also negotiate on the client’s behalf in an effort to secure a favorable settlement for the plaintiff and avoid the time and expense that is often involved in proceeding to trial. Nelson & Smith have the knowledge, experience, and training to help accident victims better understand the legal implications of their injuries and to support the client with compassion at every stage in the civil court process. Being injured in an accident is difficult enough for most people. Trustworthy Warner Robins Slip and Fall Accidents Lawyers will do all the legal work so accident victims can focus more of their time, effort, and energy on healing. Contact us today.