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    Warner Robins Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

    According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, as of 2015, nearly 5000 motorcyclists died in crashes while on the road in the United States. Nearly 90,000 drivers or passengers on motorcycles were injured in that year. In the state of Georgia, current statistics find that 264 motorcyclists have died already in the year 2019 out of 2, 266 fatalities. If you have been involved in an accident in Warner Robins, Georgia. Consider yourself fortunate to be alive. When you are faced with the consequences of your accident, you may not feel so lucky. Experienced Warner Robins Motorcycle Accident Lawyers can represent your interests at this difficult time. Nelson and Smith Attorneys at Law are a legal team you can trust.

    You are More at Risk than Other Drivers

    Riding a motorcycle means accepting the fact that you are at a greater risk than others on the road. You phase unique challenges. There is nothing to shield your body from injury in the event that there is a crash involving another vehicle on the road. Your accident may result from distraction as other drivers fail to pay close attention to the road. They’re too busy checking their voice mail, looking at a text, or fixing their hair in the rear view mirror. Drivers who fail to focus on the road and make safe driving their top priority are most often too blame when a motorcycle is involved in a crash. All to often, drivers are heard saying, “I didn’t see them,” when filling out a an accident report with the police, a poor excuse for an incident that could change your life forever.

    The Consequences of a Motorcycle Accident Can be Devastating

    What might have been a fender bender or a minor incident for a driver in a car could be catastrophic for a motorcycle driver. Even if you were completely prepared for driving a motorcycle with protective gear and clothing, you can still experience a significant injury. The force of impact with the road or another vehicle can cause broken bones and serious internal injuries. Impact with the road can result in lacerations, road burn, and severe bruising. You may face a total loss of your motorcycle itself or have a hefty repair bill. However, the damages to your motorcycle are the least of your worries. Your health has to be your main concern.

    Legal Counsel Can Help You to Focus on Recovery After a Motorcycle Accident

    You need Warner Robins Motorcycle Accident Lawyers you can trust when an accident involving your bike has resulted in injuries. Whether they are serious or not, you are going to have costs related to your injury. You may also find yourself arguing with the insurance company about fair compensation for your expenses. The insurance company or legal team for the other driver involved in your accident may try to pay the bare minimum or not at all. You don’t have time to worry about these issues. You need to recover from your injury. You may need to attend rehabilitation therapy to restore your body to the way it was. If your body cannot be restored, physical therapy, disability, and learning to live with a new reality may be in your future. You’re going to need money to pay the bills, but you may not be able to work. Your property may need to be repaired. Someone you love may have been riding with you the day your life was changed. The consequences of your accident may be far reaching. You need the legal assistance of Nelson and Smith to help you to have the best possible outcome when a motorcycle accident takes you by surprise.

    Experience and Knowledge will be On Your Side at Nelson and Smith

    The legal team at Nelson and Smith Attorneys at Law has the knowledge of the law and experience with cases involving motorcycle accidents in order to help you to deal with the repercussions of your incident. They’ll fight for your interests to get you the compensation you deserve when an accident has been caused by the negligence of another driver on the road who failed to drive safely and protect motorcyclists like you. Contact us today.