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    Warner Robins Car Accident Lawyers

    There are a variety of ways that car accidents can happen. They almost always occur when a driver uses bad judgment. A bad decision coupled with a car’s size, weight and speed can be a recipe for a tragedy. You might be observing all of the rules of the road while driving, and in an instant, you’re the victim of a crash. The injuries that you suffer in that crash can have profound financial and emotional impacts on both you and your family. If that accident occurred in or around Houston County, you’ll want to speak with the Warner Robins Car Accident Lawyers here at Nelson & Smith. We can help you put your life back together and get you going back in a positive direction.

    As per the most recent ascertainable numbers from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, in 2016, there were 4,316 motor vehicle accidents in Houston County. Of those, there were 17 fatalities and 1,223 people were injured. Here are the numbers for the counties surrounding Houston County:

    • Twiggs County had 393 accidents, seven fatalities and 80 injuries.
    • Bleckley County had 239 accidents, 73 injuries and two fatalities.
    • Pulaski County had 127 accidents, 59 injuries and one fatality.
    • Dooly County had 322 accidents, 99 injuries and six fatalities.
    • Crisp County had 895 accidents, 204 injuries and two fatalities.
    • Macon County had 145 accidents, 56 injuries and two fatalities.
    • Bibb County had 7,617 accidents, 2,144 injuries and 28 fatalities.

    Be Careful of Who You’re Dealing With

    There are hundreds of law firms in the above counties. Some might even solicit you through the mail or phone calls. Beware of these lawyers and law firms. You might not learn who is working on your case. It could be assigned out to a junior associate attorney, a paralegal or even some other law firm. That’s not going to happen at Nelson & Smith. As a reference point, consider our qualifications:

    • We know car accident law and how it affects your case. We understand how it affects you, your job, your finances and your family.
    • We have experience with cases like your case. That’s why we know how to prepare the most effective strategy for you.
    • We’re dedicated to obtaining maximum compensation for your injuries.
    • We prepare every case as if it’s going to trial. If the opposing insurance company is slow or stubborn, we’re prepared to try your case in front of a judge and jury while the other side is still scurrying around and trying to prepare a defense.

    Don’t Give a Statement to the Opposition

    Shortly after your accident, a claims adjuster from the other insurance company might contact you “just to see if you’re feeling any better.” Then that adjuster will ask you for a written or recorded statement as to how the accident happened and the injuries that you suffered. Don’t ever give a written or recorded statement to the other insurance company. It will only try to use your very own words against you in the future in efforts to try to attack your credibility and devalue your case. Talk with us first. Everything that you say to us is confidential and protected under Georgia law.

    Speak With Us Right Away

    When a person is careless and negligent and causes a car accident with injuries, Georgia law allows an injured victim of that accident to seek compensation for his or her injuries. The negligent driver can be held responsible, and as a matter of social policy, similar accidents in the future are discouraged. Obtaining full and fair compensation for those injuries can be difficult though. That’s when Warner Robins Car Accident Lawyers from Nelson & Smith can be of great help. After having police investigate the accident and obtaining immediate medical treatment, we recommend that you speak with us right away.

    Don’t let the opposing insurance company control your case by giving it a statement. Experienced and effective Warner Robins Car Accident Lawyers can take control of your case for you. Contact us if you were injured in an accident anywhere in Georgia for a free consultation and case assessment. We’ll listen to you attentively, and then we’ll answer your questions. After that, we’ll fully advise you of your legal alternatives. No legal fees are even payable unless we obtain a settlement or verdict for you.