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Truck Safety 101: Stay Out of the No Zones

Published in truck accident on August 26, 2019.

Car accidents are among the most dangerous and deadly accidents on our roadways. The sheer size differential between massive semis and our own vehicles is dangerous enough. Commercial trucks, however, also have huge blind spots – or no-zones – on every side of them that compound their danger. If you or someone you love has been injured in a truck accident, you need the professional legal counsel of an experienced Macon truck accident attorney.

No Zones

You probably have a decent understanding of where your car’s blind spots are, but understanding a trucker’s blind spots can be more difficult. Although truck drivers sit high above the road, this perch doesn’t provide them with the bird’s eye view that many people think it does. Instead, truckers experience wide blind spots all the way around their tractor-trailers. In fact, a truck driver’s line of vision is checkered with no zones that radiate out from the truck’s body. Every semi has several major no zones around it, including:

  • The area directly in front of the truck’s cab
  • The area directly behind the truck’s trailer
  • The area on both sides of the truck’s body – the blind spot on the truck’s right side is significantly larger (and radiates out farther) than the blind spot on its left side

If you’re driving in one of a truck’s no-zones, the trucker simply cannot see you and you are at a much greater risk of being injured – or worse – in an accident.

Sharing the Road Safely with Semis

Once you understand where a truck’s no zones are located, you can make a concerted effort to share the road more safely with semis. This means:

  • Avoid a truck’s front no-zone by never cutting in front of a semi and never slowing down unnecessarily when driving in front of a semi. Remember that 18-wheelers require far greater stopping distances than do the cars we drive.
  • Avoid a truck’s right no zone by never passing on the right-hand side – always choose the safer option of passing on the left. Further, if a truck’s passing you on your left, allow it to pass (even if that means slowing down somewhat). The less time you spend on a truck’s right, the better off you’ll be.
  • Avoid a truck’s left no zone by passing with care. While passing on the left is always safest – whether you’re passing a big rig or a car – this doesn’t mean you should linger in the truck’s blind spot. Pass swiftly and safely and don’t pull back in front of the semi until you have plenty of room between you. 
  • Avoid a truck’s rear no-zone by never, ever tailgating a semi-truck.

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