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    Tifton Truck Accident Lawyers

    Big-rig trucks are easily the largest vehicles on the open highways. The amount of damage and destruction they can cause when drivers lose control of their rig can be extensive and deadly. Even those who survive commonly suffer long-term injuries that impact the remainder of their life, including traumatic head injury or paralysis. In addition to the level of damage a truck accident can do, multiple car pileups are also regular components of trucking accidents that are often difficult to unravel when the litigants negotiate an equitable settlement for their particular injuries. All Tifton truck accident lawyers know trucking company tactics when collisions occur, including moving quickly to influence the reconstruction specialist officers who are investigating the crash. And, important evidence can fade fast following a truck accident, which makes it very important to call an experienced Tifton Truck Accident Lawyers immediately to conduct an independent investigation.

    What Tifton Truck Accident Lawyers Can Do

    Attorneys are officers of the court just as police officials and have the authority to investigate the accident themselves on behalf of their client. This can be a very important part of any claim settlement, as it could identify more negligent parties such as an automotive part manufacturer or other negligent actor. A truck accident attorney can also monitor all evidence associated with the case, including the respondent defense, and begin to craft a solid case for maximum damages that is commonly available as a result of a truck accident. Many times the defendants will include the driver and the trucking company, both of which will have insurance providers who have a right to input as well. Insurance claims adjusters and attorneys are trained professionals who are focus on reducing an accident injury claim as much as possible, regardless of the egregious nature of a truck accident. Even in a wrongful death claim, the primary goal is to deny or reduce a settlement by either technical defenses of no responsibility or contributory negligence by the injured plaintiff.

    Understanding Comparative Negligence in Georgia

    All states use some form of comparative negligence rules when determining damages following an auto accident. The same applies for truck accidents, but damages tend to be more extensive which tends to lead to stronger defenses from trucking companies and their insurance providers when cases are being negotiated. Determining an actual comparative negligence percentage is the ultimate charge of a jury when a full trial is held. Trials are not unusual in truck accident injury cases because punitive damages must be awarded by a jury as well. The argument over who ultimately caused a truck accident is regularly settled in court because both parties have the option to go to trial, which means it is vital to have an aggressive Tifton truck accident lawyer and trial attorney representing the case. The level for a bar from damages from a Georgia accident is 50% for plaintiff drivers in general, including the stipulation that the injured claimant must have less causation contribution than the truck driver. This possibility is why most trucking companies take a case to trial, and having solid counsel is imperative.

    Potential Damages from a Truck Accident Injury

    All states require trucking companies and owner-operator drivers to carry considerably more insurance than a typical vehicle owner, which means there is often a significant pool of resources to provide damage settlements. Standard pecuniary items can be claimed such as physical property damage and recovery for medical bills, as well as any lost wages that will apply, but the real financial award will be the general compensatory damages for pain-and-suffering unless Tifton Truck Accident Lawyers can prove gross negligence in trial. All truck accident cases are centered on negligence and fault, and certain material case factors such as illegal behavior by the driver or the trucking company can support a punitive damage request. Punitive damages are meant as punishment for the respondent, but they can still be modified by the court. This is usually reserved for families involved in a wrongful death suit or with a traumatic injury, but could be available in any serious truck accident case.

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    All truck accident cases are well-defended even when fault is apparent. And, attempting to increase the fault level of injured claimant drivers is a common defense tactic that always requires the skill of experienced Tifton Truck Accident Lawyers like the legal pros at Nelson & Smith Law Firm who have a long track record of excellent results for their clients.