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The Hazards Warehouse Workers Face on the Job

Published in Workers Compensation on April 23, 2019.

Anybody who has ever worked in a warehouse knows how hazardous it can be to your health. In just seconds you can be pinned under a palette, caught in equipment, or exposed to dangerous chemicals. It is incumbent upon owners to ensure that workers are safe and understand how to protect themselves from potentially dangerous situations. Macon workers compensation attorneys work with those who have been exposed to some of the most common warehouse risks.


Forklifts are standard equipment in warehouses. Unsafe use of them causes 95,000 injuries and 100 deaths every year according to OSHA. Cases involving injuries sustained from overturned forklifts are among those Macon workers compensation lawyers can handle.

Training and certification are the keys to solving this problem. No one under 18 should be operating forklifts. Haulage equipment must be properly maintained. Drivers must understand the proper procedures for picking up, loading, and putting down loads.


Macon workers comp lawyers handle cases where workers are pulled into conveyors after a piece of clothing gets caught. Conveyors are routinely used in warehouses to transport their product. If there are not adequate safeguards between the workers and the conveyors to prevent entanglements, the consequences can be devastating.

It is necessary for the management to follow the proper lock out / tag out procedures when the equipment is being maintained or repaired. These procedures are put in place to ensure that workers are protected against any sudden equipment startup or release of hazardous energy during maintenance. If machinery doesn’t shut down properly or starts up before the completion of maintenance workers will be in jeopardy.

Hazardous chemicals

Inhaling fumes and coming in direct physical contact with hazardous chemicals can be fatal. Macon workers compensation lawyers handle cases for clients who are suffering because managers failed to train workers in the proper way to handle, transport, store, and dispose of dangerous chemicals.

OSHA requires businesses to keep inventories of all products. That includes expiration dates. Stockpiling hazardous chemicals is not only dangerous; it may also be illegal. Moving chemicals from one container to another can be dangerous unless the containers are labeled.

Manual lifting

Macon workers comp lawyers can handle cases that involve musculoskeletal injuries. These come about because warehouse workers are routinely required to lift, push, and handle pallets filled with products that can weigh hundreds of pounds. Without proper training, workers can suffer debilitating injuries that impact their lives and restrict their ability to earn a living.

You can do everything right and still get hurt. If you do, it can be devastating financially, physically, and emotionally. You may face the loss of your income along with mounting medical bills and emotional trauma. The Macon workers compensation attorneys at Nelson & Smith are available to help. You have the right to be compensated when you have been injured through no fault of your own. Nelson & Smith has the expertise to help you get the compensation you deserve to get your life back on track.