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Common Reasons for SSDI Claim Denials


Published in Liability,Personal Injury on January 4, 2021.

Whether you suffer from a physical or mental impairment that results in an inability to be gainfully employed, you need SSDI benefits. Having your claim denied can send your world into a tailspin. However, there is legal help available, and you have further options. 

If you applied for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and had your claim denied, our Macon social security disability lawyers are here to help. It’s crucial to understand that this is not the end of your quest. If you don’t understand the reason for your denial, rest assured you’re alone. There are many reasons your claim can be denied, but you still have rights. We can help you exercise your rights and exhaust every option to get the benefits you need.

Most Common Reasons for SSDI Denials

Each SSDI claim and applicant are different, although there are some frequent reasons that claims receive a denial. You should remember that just because a claim is rejected doesn’t mean that you didn’t qualify for benefits. Many valid claims aren’t approved by the SSA. Here are some common reasons claims are often rejected:

  • Lack of supporting medical evidence: There must be strong medical evidence documenting a disability and how it prevents the applicant from working. 
  • Prior denials: Some claimants make the mistake of filing a new application after an initial denial instead of filing an appeal. This increases the chances that an application won’t be approved.
  • Too much income: SSDI benefits are for people who can’t work. If an applicant continues to work and earns too much income, this would make them ineligible to receive benefits. People can only earn a small amount of wages when receiving SSDI benefits. Unfortunately, this is also evidence that the claimant isn’t too disabled to work.
  • Failure to adhere to treatment advice: If someone doesn’t follow their doctor’s recommendation for treatment for their disability or there are breaks in medical care, their application will likely be denied. The SSA examiner could say that it’s impossible to determine whether the applicant is disabled if they aren’t receiving necessary medical treatment.
  • Failure to cooperate: If requests for additional information are ignored, or the person otherwise fails to cooperate during the SSA’s application process, their SSDI claim won’t be successful. Having knowledgeable Macon social security disability attorneys on your side from the beginning can help you avoid this mistake.

Was your SSDI Claim Denied? Experienced Macon Social Security Disability Lawyers Can Help

At Nelson & Smith Attorneys at Law, our experienced Macon social security disability attorneys can help by:

  • Determining what additional diagnostic data and other medical evidence you need to show the entire extent and impact of a physical or mental disability
  • Hiring vocational experts to testify that you can’t perform gainful work regularly
  • Preparing you carefully to testify on your own behalf
  • Modifying any technical or other details in your application that may have resulted in an adverse decision

If you are ready to receive the help you deserve, call (478) 746-1468 or contact us online today. We offer free case consultations with experienced Macon social security disability lawyers. We focus on your needs and what can be done to get the benefits you deserve.