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Can I get a fair settlement for a wet surface injury?

Published in Premises liability,slip and fall accidents on April 27, 2018.

The law in Georgia imposes a duty on property owners to keep their spaces clear of encumbrances. In the simplest terms, this means that if you’re injured in a business, you may have a legal claim against the owner. Some of the most common cases entail wet surfaces. If you’re walking through a business property and another customer has spilled a drink on the floor, that business has an obligation to take care of the wet surface within a reasonable amount of time. If they don’t do so and you get injured as a result, you might have a cognizable legal claim against the business. Good lawyers can help you answer the important questions surrounding your case, including whether or not you’re eligible for seeking a fair settlement.

Negligence and premises liability in Georgia

Georgia imposes different levels of liability on property owners. People who invite you into their home only have to warn you about known hazards. There is no higher duty to make everything safe for you, and if you happen to get injured as a result of an unknown danger, they have no duty toward you. Business owners, on the other hand, have a much higher duty. They have to create a safe environment for their customers because they have invited those customers to do business. Most wet surface injury claims come into the context of business encounters.

The on wet surface negligence imposes a duty on the business owner to respond as a reasonable business owner might. This means that businesses have a limited amount of time to discover and prevent a danger before they incur liability. If you get injured ten seconds after a person has spilled something on the floor, then it’s unlikely that a jury will find the business liable for your injuries. If the floor has been wet for 30 minutes, your chances are much better. Ultimately there is no hard and fast rule on these things. These cases are decided on an individual basis, which is why it is so important to have a good lawyer by your side.

How you can get a fair settlement

The amount you can settle for in these cases depends on a number of factors. First, it will depend on how likely you are to win your case. If you have a very strong case that’s likely to return a positive verdict, the other party will have more incentive to settle. Beyond that, your potential recovery will be taken into account. It is quite obviously better for the other party to settle if you are going to win a large damage award at the conclusion of your trial.

On top of that, the skill and previous experience of your lawyer at preparing for trial and negotiating on your behalf will make a major difference. Nelson & Smith has seen cases like these before, and they understand just how important quality legal representation can be. Better lawyers strike fear into opposing counsel, making it more likely that they will offer a fair settlement. Call Nelson & Smith today to get the ball rolling on your case if you’re the victim of a wet surface injury.

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