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Serious Mining Accident Injuries


Published in Personal Injury on May 3, 2021.

The mining industry is known for its hazards. Sometimes these hazards result in severe injuries to miners. These injuries can lead to severe pain and suffering as well as thousands of dollars in medical bills. Injured miners should seek legal help to recover their damages. 

Mining is a necessary and integral part of the American way of life. However, those who work in this industry face grave danger every day on the job. Miners work in confined areas underground and often operate heavy equipment. Accidents frequently occur, leading to severe injuries and sometimes even death. Many miners and their family members don’t entirely comprehend their legal rights and options for on-the-job injuries. Often, these injuries are the result of employer negligence or carelessness or faulty equipment manufacturing. Macon mining accident lawyers can help victims and their families stand up for their rights after such severe injuries.

Burn Injuries

Mining accidents frequently involve explosions and fires. Miners can suffer burns, including those caused by the inhalation of smoke, heat, toxins in the environment. Burns are extremely painful injuries that often require a lengthy healing period with extensive medical care. Burn patients can face complications such as infections and severe scarring. When burns result from another person or party’s negligence, experienced Macon mining accident lawyers can help guide you in seeking financial recovery.

Crush Injuries

Miners who are around or using heavy equipment, especially defective equipment, are at a higher risk for crush injuries. Other accidents that can cause these deadly crush injuries include a roof collapse, a coal stockpile collapse, or a longwall accident. Crush injuries can be extensive and permanently debilitating in some instances. Victims often require surgery and rehabilitation.

Bone Fractures

Sometimes caused by crushing injuries, broken bones can lead to serious problems. Some may require surgery and hardware to be put back together and heal correctly. Some can lead to infections or the permanent loss of use to an extremity. Many miners with bone fractures miss months of work and have to endure extensive rehabilitation and therapy to return to work. 

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)

Anytime the head and a hard object collide, a traumatic brain injury can occur. Falls, explosions, machinery malfunctions, and several other types of accidents can result in a TBI. The skull doesn’t have to be punctured or even look injured for a TBI to be present. These types of injuries can leave someone unable to care for themselves and with a plethora of potentially life-long side effects such as seizures and personality changes. Experienced Macon mining accident attorneys understand how these injuries can impact your life and those of your family. They fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

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