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Does Working Overtime Increase the Risks of Job-Related Injuries?

Published in Workers Compensation on December 16, 2019.

The standard workday in the United States is eight hours, and this standard was created for some very good reasons that include employee health and safety. Many companies ask their staff to put in extra hours – known as overtime – and both employers and employees can benefit from this approach. 

Employees are generally paid higher wages for the overtime hours they work, and employers benefit from the increase in work output. There is, however, a downside to overtime – an increase in job-related illnesses and injuries. If you’ve been injured on the job as a result of working excess overtime hours, you need an experienced Macon workers’ compensation attorney on your side. 

Associated Illnesses

The fact is that working overtime can affect your health. Having downtime is important for reducing stress and for achieving a healthy balance between working and living your life outside of work. People who put in very long hours on the job are more prone to health issues like high blood pressure, neck, back, and/or shoulder pain, and issues with their mental health.

Accidents at Work: The Statistics

The longer hours you put in, the more likely you are to be injured in an accident on the job. Exhaustion can cause errors that lead to dangerous accidents. In fact, the Insurance Journal published the findings of a study conducted by occupational medicine researchers that highlights exactly how detrimental working excessive hours can be. These include:

  • Employees who put in overtime are 61 percent more likely to be injured on the job or suffer an illness as a result of work than employees who do not work overtime hours are.
  • Putting in 12 hours or more of work a day is linked to a 37 percent greater risk of being injured or becoming ill on the job.
  • Working 60 hours or more a week is linked to a 23 percent greater risk of being injured or becoming ill on the job.
  • The more hours an employee works, the greater his or her risk is of being injured or becoming ill on the job.

Your Workers’ Compensation Case

If your employer expects you to work overtime, there may be very little you can do about it – other than put in the hours. After all, your job is your livelihood, and it’s unlikely that you can afford to lose it. Many employees feel compelled to accept overtime hours – even if they aren’t explicitly made to do so by their bosses. As noted, however, these additional hours can be directly related to dangerous accidents on the job. If you’ve been so injured, you need experienced legal representation.

If You’ve Been Injured on the Job, Consult with an Experienced Macon Workers’ Compensation Attorney Today

Being injured on the job is an extremely detrimental experience, but the dedicated workers’ compensation attorneys at Nelson & Smith Attorneys at Law – proudly serving Macon – are committed to helping you obtain the compensation to which you are entitled. For more information, please contact us online or call us at (478) 746-1468 today.

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