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Celebrating National Bike Month in May


Published in Bicycle Safety Tips and Bicycle Accidents on May 10, 2021.

The League of American Bicyclists promotes May as designated National Bike Month, which is recognized and celebrated in many communities all across the nation. This designation began in 1956 and continues to encourage bike riding today. 

Warmer weather is in full swing, ushering in more opportunities for outdoor recreation and to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, as well as National Bike Month in May. This year’s theme is ways to #BikeThere with the first annual National Ride A Bike Day celebrated on May 2, 2021. In fact, everyone is being encouraged to enjoy a bike ride on the first Sunday of every month in the future.

In addition to participating in Bike to Work Week and Day, you can take part in this unique biking promotion by biking to coffee, your friend’s house, with your children to the park, to run errands, or even simply around the block. You can personalize this year’s theme.

National Bike Month promotes and celebrates both individual and community wellbeing as well as:

  • Safer streets
  • Connected communities
  • A healthier planet
  • Happier people

As a national sponsor, the League can provide the necessary resources to help individuals and local organizations in your area plan an event. Bike Month celebrations continue to grow every year, increasing the knowledge and excitement around bicycling nationwide.

Georgia Celebrates National Bike Month

Those wishing to participate locally in National Bike Month should be aware that Georgia’s own local biking organization, Georgia Bikes!, recognizes this designation with many events planned. Some are right here in Macon. Whether you are an avid mountain biker, enjoy biking as a family activity, or just want to enjoy some sunshine in a unique way, there is something for everyone.

Bicycle Safety Tips

No matter where you are biking or how experienced you are, everyone should follow these bicycle safety tips:

  • Wear your helmet, which can significantly reduce the risk of serious injury
  • Keep your head up, always looking ahead at what is in front of you
  • When riding with or around others, ride in single file with space between each bike
  • Ride on the right side of the road, never against traffic
  • Stay away from busy streets and busy traffic times on your route
  • Before riding in the dark, have someone help you ensure your visibility to motorists
  • Maintain your bikes—for example, chains should be kept clean and lubricated, and brake pads should be routinely inspected

While many bicycle accidents and injuries can be prevented or reduced when bicyclists take specific steps, some cannot. If someone else caused your injuries, a Macon bicycle accident lawyer can meet with you to discuss your legal options and rights.

Do You Need an Experienced Macon Bicycle Accident Attorney?

At Nelson & Smith Attorneys at Law, we encourage you to find your own ways to participate in National Bike Month. As always, remember to wear your helmet and follow safety precautions anytime you are on your bike. If you or someone you love suffers an injury at the hands of a negligent driver or another party, we are here for you. We can help investigate your case and seek compensation for your injuries. Our team is never more than a phone call away. Call (478) 746-1468 or contact us online today to schedule your free accident case consultation with an experienced Macon bicycle accident lawyer.