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    Milledgeville Worker’s Compensation Lawyers

    The workers compensation insurance program works well when injuries are obviously job-related and all parties agree the injured worker should be allowed workers compensation insurance benefits until they recover from the injury. This protocol is common when the injuries are nominal and the prospects for returning to work are good. As long as employers respond according to the workers compensation program and the insurance company is responsive in regards to providing benefits, the worker actually has no legal claim against the respondent parties. The problem is that many workers compensation claims are not this cohesive, many times because either the employer wants to avoid the claim or the insurance company denies benefits based on any particular technicality. Processing these workers comp claims can be challenging, and a successful outcome will always require the expertise of experienced Milledgeville Worker’s Compensation Lawyers who know how to craft a counter argument against the claims of the contesting parties.

    Claim Denials

    Any injured worker who is denied workers compensation benefits will receive an official letter stating why the claim was denied. There is any number of reasons the letter may state even outside of an employer denying that the claim is valid. Those reasons can include:

    • Expired Filing Period
    • Injury Not Reported Timely
    • Lack of Work-Related Evidence
    • Prior Existing Condition
    • No Medical Treatment Record
    • Injury Not Compensable

    There are specific rules that govern time limits regarding filing of workers compensation insurance coverage applications. In addition, there are rules regarding the time span a worker has to notify an employer of the injury. Claims are also commonly not effectively supported with documented evidence such as a medical treatment record or diagnosis of the injury. Certain injuries or illnesses could also be exempt from claims depending on material case factors. All workers comp claims are unique in some fashion, and workers comp insurance companies are normally diligent in investigating a claim looking for a reason to deny coverage, including using private investigators to observe claimants.

    What Milledgeville Worker’s Compensation Lawyers Can Do

    The typical injured worker is powerless when a workers comp claim is denied or benefits are stopped during the rehabilitation process. It is not uncommon for a workers compensation insurance company to stop paying benefits even well after they have begun if they think they can convince the claimant to settle for less in a lump sum. This a particularly common technique when injuries may be so significant the worker cannot recover to the point of returning to their job. Experienced and aggressive Milledgeville Worker’s Compensation Lawyers can request all evidence the insurance provider or employer is using to support cessation of benefits and take appropriate legal action to reinstate benefits or demand payment to the client immediately when benefits had already been started.

    Repetitive Motion Injury and Chemical Exposure

    Many workers compensation claims are filed based on repetitive motion disorders or exposure to hazardous chemicals or substances such as asbestos. These cases are always complicated, especially when they are isolated instances and not part of a huge class action lawsuit like the multitude of mesothelioma cases currently being settled across the nation. These types of claims regularly include back injuries and carpel tunnel syndrome or shoulder disorders and can often be settled successfully when the injured worker retains solid legal counsel with a proven track record of results for their clients.

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    Just because you have been denied workers comp insurance protection or your benefits have been stopped by a bad faith insurance company, do not think your claim for workers compensation benefits has ended. Always get seasoned Milledgeville Worker’s Compensation Lawyers like the legal pros at Nelson & Smith Law Firm who have over 30 years experience in handling problematic workers compensation claims. Contact us and call today.  Let Nelson & Smith put their experience to work for you.