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    Milledgeville Truck Accident Lawyers

    Milledgeville is one of Georgia’s most adorable small towns scattered throughout the state. It is located in Baldwin County, and during the Civil War, it was the capital city. Georgia is known for being the center of the semi-truck industry, so if you have been injured in a truck accident, contact experienced Milledgeville Truck Accident Lawyers. Semi-trucks are vital to the U.S. economy and commerce exchange, but because they weigh 20-30 times all the other vehicles on the road, they present a huge danger when involved in a crash.

    Truck Accidents are Increasing in Number in the U.S.

    Since 1975, when the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration began collecting statistics on traffic, there has been a steady rise in truck-related fatalities. In 2016, 3,986 people reportedly lost their lives in large truck crashes. Statistics showed that 17 percent were the truck drivers, 66 percent were occupants of the other passenger vehicles, and 16 percent were either pedestrians, bicyclists or motorcyclists. That means 82 percent of deaths in these crashes belonged to other driver/rider/passenger. What is alarming is that the number of facilities in large truck crashes was 27 percent higher than the number in 2009.

    Who Do I Hold Responsible for My Truck Accident?

    Nelson & Smith are professional Milledgeville Truck Accident Lawyers, and they are experts in determining the cause of a crash. This information is what their clients rely on, and the always put their clients first. With thousands of commercial truck drivers passing through Georgia every week, most semi-truck drivers are well-trained and careful drivers. But, if a semi-truck is involved in an accident, even a slight, rear-end collision, the truck may cause serious injuries and even fatalities. Crashes involving commercial trucks are far more likely to result in tragedy.

    If you have found yourself in this kind of accident, seek medical attention first, and then contact your insurance company. After that, contact experienced Milledgeville Truck Accident Lawyers. Nelson & Smith are skilled personal injury lawyers, and in the past 20 years, they have won success for thousands of clients who were injured in truck accidents in Georgia because of no fault of their own. Here are seven venues that may hold responsibility for a commercial truck accident.

    1. A truck driver who made a dangerous decision.
    2. The trucking company that owns the truck who failed to regulate their drivers.
    3. A truck manufacturer using inferior parts.
    4. Truck loader because improper loading can be dangerous.
    5. Manufacturer of the brakes.
    6. The company responsible for the maintenance of the truck.
    7. Government agencies, who neglect damaged roads.

    The legal team at Nelson & Smith will investigate the crash completely to discover the exact cause, and find out who is responsible for the damages. Then, they will represent you in a court of law to recover 100 percent of your loss, so consulting with the law firm is paramount. National insurance companies typically only recover 60-65 percent in accidents with injuries. At Nelson & Smith, we take your pain seriously and are extremely compassionate for your traumatic situation because we know it has turned your world upside down. Obtaining full compensation is the goal for all our clients.

    Common Errors

    The most common errors for truck drivers are the same as those for drivers of smaller vehicles. The top eight errors include distracted driving, inadequate vision, failure to monitor blind sports, drugs and alcohol, aggressive driving, health issues, traveling on unknown routes, and failing to yield or come to a full stop.

    If you have been involved in a serious truck crash, contact Nelson & Smith, experienced Milledgeville Truck Accident Lawyers immediately for a free consultation. Nelson & Smith will discuss the details of the accident and explain your rights in Georgia.

    Our dedicated team of lawyers offer assistance for their clients in many ways by connecting them to the best physicians in the community as well as taking the time to address financial issues until your compensation comes through. At Nelson & Smith, the client is top priority as they go through this stressful time. Contact us today.