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    Milledgeville Car Accident Lawyers

    No matter how cautious you are on the road, you cannot predict the actions of your fellow Georgia drivers. When you or someone you love becomes hurt in a car accident, the stress that follows can seem unmanageable. From lost wages to mounting medical bills, the effects of a car accident can easily become overwhelming. If this has happened to you, Milledgeville Car Accident Lawyers may be able to help.

    A Look at Georgia Car Accidents

    According to the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety in Georgia, there are more than a quarter million car accidents on Georgia roads each year. Of those accidents, there were 1,552 traffic-related fatalities on Georgia roads in 2016 alone. Here is a closer look at this data:

    24% or 368 of these fatalities involved alcohol-impaired driving

    17% or 266 of these fatalities were speed related

    When you become injured as the result of the negligence of another driver, your next call should be to Milledgeville Car Accident Lawyers. They can advocate on your behalf to help you get the damages you are entitled to.

    The Aftermath of a Car Accident

    A car accident can be a traumatic experience. The injuries that result from a car accident can be severe and may take weeks, months or even years to recover from. This is why it is important that your settlement takes into account the long-term cost of your medical care, lost wages and pain and suffering.

    Mental and Emotional Injuries

    While some accidents are immediately apparent following an accident, others may not manifest right away. The psychological or emotional trauma of a car accident may not be evident until days or weeks later. These injuries may include fear, anger, mental anguish, emotional distress, anxiety, shock, lack of energy, sleep disturbances or a number of other symptoms. This is why it is important that these long-term mental illnesses are calculated into the car accident damages.

    Physical Injuries

    Car accidents often result in severe physical injuries involving trauma to the head, brain or spinal cord. Common injuries include whiplash, disk injuries and neck sprains to name a few. Some physical injuries such as paralysis, amputations or traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) may require long-term treatment. Soft-tissue injuries affecting tendons, ligaments or muscles may also require long-term care. This is why it is imperative that you seek medical attention after your accident so the extent of your injuries and the potential for future pain and suffering can be assessed.

    Why You Need Milledgeville Car Accident Lawyers

    While there is no law in Georgia that requires you to hire a car accident lawyer to handle your case, there are many benefits to retaining one. For starters, a car accident lawyer is familiar with the laws and requirements surrounding your case which allows them to better negotiate with the insurance company and their lawyers. They have the staff and resources to fully explore the potential causes of the crash and can help you demonstrate your injuries to the court in a way that gets results.

    How Nelson and Smith Can Help

    The legal team at Nelson and Smith understands the physical, emotional and financial trauma that a car accident can cause. Our attorneys give each client the compassion and personal attention they need following a serious accident. We have the knowledge, skills and expertise to maximize the value of your case and will fight tirelessly to get you everything you are entitled to. As experienced Milledgeville Car Accident Lawyers, we have worked with families just like yours to help them get the compensation they deserve by contacting us today.