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Milledgeville, Georgia Personal Injury Attorney

The antebellum capital of Georgia, Milledgeville is a historical landmark of the south. Whether you’re moving to the area or visiting the Old State Capitol and Governor’s Mansion during a historical tour of the south, it’s important for any newcomer or visitor to Milledgeville to know who to trust after personal injury.

The legal professionals of Nelson & Smith Attorneys at Law specialize in all types of personal injury cases. We are relentless in our efforts to obtain maximum compensation from all possible avenues for our clients. Our Milledgeville personal injury lawyers make every effort to obtain a fair settlement without litigation. However, we are fully prepared to take any case to trial if litigation is unavoidable.

The attorneys of Nelson & Smith handle any sort of personal injury case, including:

Boating Accidents

Perhaps you’re enjoying some time on Lake Sinclair, and your craft is struck by a drunken boater, and you sustain injuries as a result. Boat accidents are handled much the same as vehicular crashes, and an injury on the water can be just as devastating as one on the road. We only consult the best experts and will explore every possible aspect of your case to prove the defending party’s negligence.

Enjoying the waters of the Milledgeville area shouldn’t result in an injury, but if it does, turn to experts who understand the state regulations surrounding safe boating practices, and let us represent any boat accident-related injury cases you may have.

Aviation Accidents

During your travels or on a tour, it’s possible you or a loved one may be injured in an aviation accident of some kind. These are typically some of the most deadly accidents, and victims should be aware that they have the right to fair compensation if another party was at fault. The Federal Aviation Administration enforces strict regulations for the practices of aviation companies and their personnel. Any passenger has the right to a safe fight with a competent pilot, reliable aircraft, and vigilant air traffic controllers.

No matter what type of injury your aviation accident caused, or if you’re pursuing damages for the wrongful death of a loved one, we understand the makings of a successful aviation accident case, and our wrongful death attorneys will refer to the top experts to ensure the pilot, the aviation company, and any responsible third parties are held accountable for negligence.

Brain Injuries

Few injuries leave more dramatic lasting effects than brain injuries. Regardless of how it happened, if you have suffered a brain injury or are pursuing legal action on behalf of a loved one who has, it is critical to have legal counsel that knows how serious these injuries can be and the lasting damage they cause.

Brain injuries may result in an increased susceptibility to future brain injuries, especially in the case of a concussion. Traumatic brain injuries that require major surgery may leave the victim debilitated or completely dependent upon personal care for the rest of their life.

Any type of injury has the potential to harm you and cause lasting damage, or destroy your livelihood and your ability to work. Your family may no longer be able to count on you for financial support, and even though it may not be your fault, the emotional toll an injury take usually outweighs the physical pain.

Compassionate Representation in Milledgeville

Any personal injury case in the Milledgeville area requires compassionate and thorough legal counsel, and Nelson & Smith provide the most comprehensive and experienced personal injury legal counsel in the area. Have our team of personal injury attorneys start reviewing your case so you can have the peace of mind that professionals are in your corner. Visit our website to set up a free consultation, or call us to start discussing your case today.

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