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    Macon Social Security Disability Lawyers

    Macon Georgia Social Security Disability Attorneys

    Macon Social Security Disability LawyersSome people wrongly believe that obtaining a federal disability is an easy process that will immediately solve their financial problems. Once an individual finally obtains compensation, it helps tremendously, but securing it is a long and tedious process. Many claims are denied, not once, but two or three times before the Social Security Administration sends out an approval. Claimants who wait too long to file certain documents during the process may have to start over.

    If you don’t have a disability attorney helping you along the way, the process may take even longer.

    Worried About Paying for Legal Services?

    At Nelson & Smith Attorneys at Law, we understand the discouraging nature of applying for benefits. We see injured workers face difficulties with all types of private insurance programs, as well as federal benefits programs. The Social Security Administration regulates attorney fees in Social Security Disability claims. Our payment is typically a set percentage of benefits. You will not owe us any payment unless we secure benefits on your behalf.

    Eligibility for Social Security Disability

    You must have an injury or illness that will prevent you from seeking employment for a year or longer. If you can work, but cannot obtain an income higher than $1000/month, you may meet the requirements for federal disability. In most cases, only someone who has worked and paid social security taxes for five to 10 years is eligible.

    The Social Security Disability Claims Process

    We highly recommend that you seek assistance from the Macon Social Security Disability Lawyers during the initial claim process as well as subsequent claims. Your Nelson & Smith disability lawyer will act as your advocate during the claims process and will handle all the paperwork, filing, and appeals process if your first or second claim is rejected.

    To start, you need to file an application. You can complete the application through your local Social Security office, online, or via the phone. The initial claim may take three to five months to process, and you will need to provide the following information:

    1. Social Security number and your birth certificate or another record proving your age
    2. A list of all of your health care professionals and facilities including the names, addresses, phone numbers, and the dates you visited
    3. A list of medications and your dosages
    4. Medical records from every health care professional you have seen
    5. Certified laboratory testing results
    6. Your last W-2 or tax return (if you were self-employed)
    7. A summary of your job and the type of work you did
    8. Information about your family members who may qualify for benefits, proof of marriage, and dates of prior marriages

    Many of these documents must be originals or certified copies. Hiring Macon Social Security Disability Lawyers to help you with your case may or may not expedite the approval process, but it will increase the likelihood that your application will include all the appropriate information. Attorney representation also allows you to take immediate action in the event that the administration denies your application. An appeal may not take as long to process as an initial application. After filing an appeal, many individuals hear back within 120 days.

    Macon Social Security Disability AttorneyAdult Disabled Children and Social Security Disability

    In addition to helping adults who can no longer work because of a medical condition, the team at Nelson & Smith also represents dependents who may be eligible for Social Security Disability based on a parent’s record. Adult children who were diagnosed with a disability or debilitating disease prior to age 22 may receive benefits if a parent receives disability, has retired, or is deceased.

    Nelson & Smith: Attorneys Who Care

    The Social Security Disability application process can take time. When you secure our services, we will offer as much support as possible to expedite the process and help you through immediate financial struggles. For a free consultation, call our office in Macon. We serve Middle Georgia in Cordele, Tifton, Hawkinsville, Dublin, Warner Robins and Milledgeville.