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    Macon Rollover Accidents Lawyers

    Macon Georgia Rollover Accidents Attorneys

    Macon Rollover Accidents LawyersMost rollover accidents are single-vehicle accidents caused by a combination of factors including the driving conditions and location, the vehicle make, speed, and reckless behaviors. These types of incidents do not happen as often as other types of accidents, but they do carry a higher fatality rate.

    SUVs and trucks with high centers of gravity are notorious for rollover incidents, but any vehicle can roll over under the right circumstances. Those injured in rollover incident as drivers or passengers often have many questions regarding liability and compensation.

    Liability in Rollover Accidents

    Since rollover incidents typically involve only one vehicle, you might think determining liability is fairly simple. However, the driver may not be responsible for an accident. If a product defect caused the rollover, then the injured individual(s) in the incident may hold the manufacturer liable through a product liability claim.

    In cases where the driver is at fault and was carrying passengers, a passenger may choose to hold the driver accountable for any sustained injuries. Passengers may also be eligible to obtain compensation in a claim against a faulty part manufacturer.

    When a rollover accident involves more than one vehicle, a careful investigation can pinpoint who was at fault or if both parties share fault in the accident. Georgia follows a comparative negligence rule. Any driver who is at fault but responsible for less than half of the incident may face a reduced damage award.

    If an improperly loaded commercial truck rolls over, the driver, a loading company, or an employer may face liability for the incident.

    What Constitutes a Rollover Accident?

    A rollover accident does not necessarily mean a vehicle somersaulted through the air. Any case that involves a vehicle that turns on its side, flips 180 degrees, or flips many times is a rollover accident. The jarring movement of a rollover combined with high speeds and impact with the earth make these incidents extremely dangerous for the people involved.

    What to Do After a Rollover Accident

    After any rollover incident, you will need to notify your insurance company about the incident. If you talk to an insurer before consulting an injury attorney, stick only to the facts of the incident. You may not know the full extent of your injuries or the circumstances of the accident, and it is okay to say that you would rather discuss the incident after the investigation is complete.

    When you or a loved one has the opportunity, contact Nelson & Smith for a free case evaluation. We can determine if a settlement seems fair or if moving forward with a legal claim makes sense. If needed, one of our compassionate injury attorneys will travel to your home or the hospital to discuss your case. You have two years to file a claim after an incident, but we highly recommend contacting our Macon Rollover Accidents Lawyers as soon as possible. Accident case evidence disappears quickly, and starting on a case early improves our ability to hold the responsible party accountable.

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    Macon Rollover Accidents AttorneyAt Nelson & Smith Attorneys at Law, we have successfully represented thousands of clients and obtained millions of dollars to help them cope after accidents. Every client we accept receives our services on a contingency fee basis. You won’t pay a dime unless we secure a successful settlement. You will always have access to the primary injury attorney on your case, and we treat every case with the same level of quality and care.

    We can help you obtain qualified medical support, represent you in front of insurance companies and bill collectors, and answer any questions you have throughout your case. After you receive a fair settlement, we will continue to work to reduce your medical expenses so that you can use the money for what matters most. Contact our Macon office today to schedule your free case evaluation with our Macon Rollover Accidents Lawyers. We serve Middle Georgia in Cordele, Tifton, Hawkinsville, Dublin, Warner Robins and Milledgeville