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    Macon Rear-End Accidents Lawyers

    Macon Georgia Rear-End Accidents Attorneys

    Macon Rear-End Accidents LawyersRear-end accidents are some of the most common types of vehicle accidents. They often occur in standstill traffic because someone wasn’t paying attention to the road. Even minor rear-end accidents can cause life-altering injury. The wrong movement at the right speed can cause whiplash, chronic pain, and more severe injuries such as fractured bones from air bag inflation. In high-speed rear-end accidents, the damage is often much worse.

    Rear-End Accident Laws in Georgia

    In most rear accident cases in Georgia, the person in the back is liable for the incident. If a driver is following closely enough that you cannot safely stop, then the state will assume he or she was careless. There is no hard rule for keeping a “safe distance” between vehicles, but many authorities recommend using a 3- to 4-second distance from the vehicle in front. Any closer might be considered tailgating.

    There are a few exceptions to the general rear-ending liability rule. Another party may be responsible for an accident if:

    • The driver stops or changes lanes unexpectedly,
    • A driver is illegally stopped somewhere,
    • Mechanical failure occurred (the manufacturer would be responsible in this case), or
    • Roadway damage caused the accident (the county or state may be at fault in these cases).

    In some two-vehicle rear-end incidents, multiple insurers may also play a role in the claim. Our Macon Rear-End Accidents Lawyers may recover damages from the insurer of the driver at-fault, the driver’s employer’s insurer, or your insurer if the driver was under or uninsured.

    Multiple Vehicle Rear-End Accidents

    In congested traffic around the Macon area, more than one vehicle may be at fault for causing a multi-car pileup. Multiple vehicle accidents are complex, but discovering who is liable for the accident can benefit anyone who suffered an injury. Trying to manage a multiple vehicle incident settlement on your own can be overwhelming.

    At Nelson & Smith Attorneys at Law, we have access to an incredible team of accident recreation experts and other professionals who can help us determine liability in every case. With that information, our Macon Rear-End Accidents Lawyers will determine which drivers and insurers we can pursue to secure adequate compensation on your behalf.

    Causes of Rear-End Accidents

    In addition to tailgating and speeding, many additional factors may play a role in a rear-end collision. Some of the most common causes we see include:

    • Distracted driving,
    • Reckless behaviors in unsafe driving conditions,
    • Failure to use a turn signal,
    • A vehicle defect, and
    • Failing to account for the vehicle’s size and stopping needs (trucks and large vehicles).

    Often, a split second distraction or carelessness turns an average driving day into a nightmare accident experience. Rear-end accidents in intersections also put vehicles at risk for a secondary impact. A hard hit could launch a vehicle into oncoming traffic, worsening the overall impact of the incident.

    Contact our Macon Rear-End Accidents Lawyers

    Macon Rear-End Accidents AttorneyRear-end accident injuries can be tricky. You may feel okay the day of the accident but develop symptoms in the days after. If you have any question at all about a possible injury, contact our injury law team for a free evaluation. Our Macon Rear-End Accidents Lawyers can help you determine if moving forward with a personal injury claim makes sense in your situation.

    In addition to preparing a case with every resource we have available, our injury lawyers can also help you secure qualified medical treatment and represent you in front of insurance representatives. Many insurers are interested in settling accident claims as quickly as possible. We will force them to reevaluate the case and consider all of the facts. If necessary, we will take the responsible parties to court to secure compensation to cover your injuries, property damage, and lost income.

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