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    Macon Negligent Security Lawyers

    Macon Georgia Negligent Security Attorneys

    Macon Negligent Security LawyersSecurity is a top priority for almost every business, and the owners of malls, apartment buildings, hotels, and other public buildings must have high standards for the security and well-being of their patrons or residents. When a security company fails in their responsibilities, the victims should not be left holding the bag for the ensuing damages. Navigating the details of these cases can be difficult, but a competent Macon Negligent Security Lawyers who understands personal injury law in Georgia should know what to expect.

    Examples of Negligent Security

    Security guards and the individuals that maintain the security measures of the premises are responsible for the safety of the individuals residing in the secured space or occupying it lawfully for its intended purpose. They have a duty of care to ensure that surveillance is properly maintained and executed, and when they disregard or breach that duty of care, it may result in someone suffering an injury.

    Depending on the location, the necessary safety and security measures of the area will vary. Security guards, video monitors, automated doors, and proximity triggers may be necessary depending on the facility in question. These features must also be carefully and regularly checked for effectiveness, and security personnel must be fully trained in their use.

    Negligent security claims arise when a person has been injured as a result of poor security or irresponsible security practices. Some of the ways security may be deemed negligent include:

    • Improper surveillance. This could mean cameras were placed inefficiently or were not properly or safely installed. Surveillance systems are only reliable when they are implemented properly. The individuals monitoring the surveillance equipment must not only know how to effectively use the devices but also be aware of how to spot weaknesses in the system or blind spots in video feeds.
    • Poor lighting. If a resident, visitor, or any other person slips and falls due to any poorly lit area, the property owner may be held liable. In the event of an emergency, all exit pathways should be adequately equipped with emergency lighting.
    • Guard negligence. Security guards are required to attentively fulfill their duties at all times. Complacency may cause guards to shirk their duties or disregard potential breaches. Patrols must be carefully conducted and checked for effectiveness. They should also be regularly altered in case anyone with ill intent is monitoring the building to learn the guards’ routines.
    • Faulty or poorly maintained equipment. Most secure buildings use secure access measures, such as keycard locks or biometric scanners. If these devices malfunction or someone tampers with them, they can compromise the security of the premises.

    Macon Negligent Security AttorneysCompromised or negligent security often results in violent crimes, which may include physical assaults, sexual assaults, robberies, or possibly murders. For example, if you live in an apartment complex that uses security cameras, security guard patrols, and other surveillance measures, you should have a reasonable expectation that you are safe on the premises. If someone is able to break into the building and harm you, and negligent security officers or practices aided their efforts, they should be held accountable for the resulting damages.

    Proving negligence is always tricky, but the Macon Negligent Security Lawyers of Nelson & Smith Attorneys at Law know exactly what is necessary to win any negligent security case. If lax, improper, or negligent security caused you to suffer personal injury, you need legal counsel from an injury attorney in Macon who can navigate your case and maximize compensation you’ll be eligible to collect. Nelson & Smith attorneys specialize in personal injury cases and will work diligently to defend our clients in any circumstances. We serve Middle Georgia in Cordele, Tifton, Hawkinsville, Dublin, Warner Robins and Milledgedville. Reach out to us to review your case and for a free consultation.