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    Macon Insurance Claims Lawyers

    Helping File Insurance Claims in the Macon Georgia

    Macon Insurance Claims LawyersInsurance claims can be a nightmare. Filing one implies a degree of loss, and reviewing policies and dealing with a company representative can leave you feeling like you are treading water. Unfortunately, this is usually when you need help the most. You do not have to go through this process alone. Georgia has laws in place governing how these cases are handled, and there are a set of rules insurance companies must abide. They will seek the lowest disbursement possible, but by working with an injury attorney, you can guard your interests and receive a fair payout.

    Legally Addressing Insurance Claims

    The state is prepared to process bad faith claims and other insurance issues, but that does not mean this area of law is easy to work through on your own. There are dozens of insurance types, and even a field like health coverage will break down into Medicare, Medicaid, military insurance, MMO’s, self-insured plans, and more. With such nuance, it is easy to feel lost or desperate to sign a contract and receive any amount just to put the experience in the past. Do not do this without first consulting Macon Insurance Claims Lawyers. Here are a few other ways legal guidance will strengthen your case:

    • Insurance companies will take you seriously. These enterprises will do everything they can to minimize payments, whether it is dragging their feet or cutting corners on an investigation. For example, if a representative tries to get you to agree to a settlement amount within a few days, it is a red flag that the claim is being rushed for the sake of the company’s bottom line.
    • You will understand all your legal options. If you believe a representative acted in bad faith or that the findings are inaccurate, you do not have to settle for whatever financial agreement he or she presents you. Depending on the situation, you may continue through your insurance, another party’s, or file a personal injury claim.

    Only qualified legal professionals with experience in personal injury law and insurance claims can walk you through this process and explore every way you can be compensated. There are numerous issues that may surface with your claim, so consider reaching out to our team for a free consultation.

    Is the Insurance Representative Acting in Bad Faith?

    Whether you are trying to recover from damages to your home, health, or vehicle, the insurance company may illegally attempt to process or reject a claim. If you suspect this is the case, contact us as soon as possible. Be aware of the following signs of bad faith and fraud, and know when to take action:

    1. Unapproved changes to your insurance policy
    2. Failing to contact you about, ignoring, or delaying a claim
    3. Vague or rushed investigations
    4. Attempts to decrease payouts
    5. Remarkably quick investigations within days of your claim
    6. Attempting to collect unrelated information

    What You Can Do

    Macon Insurance Claims AttorneyYou do not have to wait for a claim to be rejected or until you suspect foul play. Depending on the circumstances and the compensation you need, contact Nelson & Smith Attorneys at Law for more information. We offer free consultations, and can bring you up to date on your rights as an insurer and whether or not a bad faith claim is practicable in your case. Furthermore, our experienced Macon Insurance Claims Lawyers can advise you on the following legal outlets:

    1. Working with your insurance company. This may be the most straightforward path, but your premium could increase.
    2. Working with the other driver’s insurance, which may result in a small total amount.
    3. Filing a personal injury suit. This route can ensure you are reimbursed for medical costs, property damages, and mental anguish not covered by insurance.

    For more information on insurance claims in Georgia, contact us today.