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    Macon Highway Accidents Lawyers

    Highway Accidents Attorneys in Macon, Georgia

    Macon Highway Accidents LawyersEven a fender bender on a highway can lead to immense damage and loss of life. Georgia does its best to mitigate these serious collisions, and laws are in place to ensure any negligence that contributes to an accident is punished. Approximately 10 million people reside in Georgia, and two of the biggest roads in the nation converge here: I-75 and 1-20. When people take to these interstates, there is always the risk of an accident – especially in unsafe conditions.

    Georgia Highway Accidents

    Tens of thousands of people pour onto these freeways every day, and with three interstates converging in Macon alone, there is plenty of traffic with which to contend. Georgia is also experiencing a growth, with a new population estimate of 15 million by 2030.

    The state’s Department of Transportation compiles data on traffic behavior and collisions, which it documents in the Crash Analysis Statistics & Information (CASI) report. The most recent information from this source dates back to 2008, so some of these numbers have likely changed over the last eight years:

    • An estimated 1,720 people are involved in a crash in Georgia – daily.
    • Over 2,300,000 crashes were reported from 2000-2006.
    • 11,435 people were fatally injured in motor vehicle collisions from 2001-2008.
    • 873,800 people (including passengers, drivers, and pedestrians) are in a vehicle accident ever year in Georgia alone.

    The sheer number of collisions and injuries amounts to millions of dollars in property damage, insurance claims, and lawsuits each year.

    The State’s Preventative Measures

    According to the CASI report, moderating these statistics is “all about risk.” There are dozens of factors at play on the highway: driver experience, vehicle condition, weather, visibility, time of day, motor skills, intoxication, and more. Georgia’s Drive Smart program targets roadway design and researches new technologies to help keep drivers safe. But accidents still happen. If you are involved in one, you must know how to immediately respond and what to look for to preserve your legal rights moving forward.

    Responding to an Accident

    High-speed accidents are typically serious. If you are injured, seek appropriate medical attention immediately. Contact the police to complete an accident report, then do the following:

    • Document the accident, including taking photographs and collecting the names and numbers of witnesses. If possible, take note of any conditions that may have affected the collision, such as weather and visibility or if the other driver appeared to be speeding.
    • Contact your insurance company as soon as possible to inform them of the accident.

    Here the common mistakes you must avoid after a collision:

    • Sharing details on social media.
    • Agreeing to insure the at-fault driver without a legal consultation.
    • Settling with an insurance company before the wreck and all its effects are fully resolved.
    • Agreeing to reimburse a health insurance company with settlement proceeds.

    These issues may seem obvious, but it’s easy to overlook an important detail, or speak out and undermine the compensation to which you are entitled. This is why it’s vastly important to contact your Macon Highway Accidents Lawyers following a highway accident.

    Legal Options

    Macon Highway Accidents AttorneysDepending on the circumstances, these collisions may involve negligence, punitive action, and even a wrongful death claim. When they do, expert legal counsel is vital. An auto accident attorney can ensure you collect the necessary info, do not settle for less than what you are owed, and avoid compromising your case. This is a lengthy process, and it’s easy to get lost or make a mistake along the way.

    For devoted attention and advice on your highway accident case, contact the team of Macon Highway Accidents Lawyers at Nelson & Smith Attorneys at Law. We can come meet you for a consultation and clearly outline the path to maximum compensation. Visit us online or call us for more information.