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    Macon Construction Accidents Lawyers

    Experienced Macon Construction Accidents Lawyers

    Macon Construction Accidents LawyersFalls, electrocutions, and being hit by an object are unfortunately common in construction. Erecting a new building involves heavy machinery, working from heights, and plenty of wiring. While these dangers are obvious, premise safety and employment standards may put you at a greater risk than you realize. Whether you work internally through a workers’ compensation program or need to consider a personal injury claim against a third party, expert legal counsel can guarantee the best possible result.


    The Occupational Health & Safety Administration reported an average 13 daily fatalities in US workplaces. Unfortunately, negligence is a major contributing factor. Depending on the field, this may also include slip and fall, motor carrier, or unsafe premises liability. These are unique areas of personal injury law, so make sure your work accident attorney understands how they overlap and how they might affect your claim.


    If you are one of at least three regular employees, your company must provide a workers’ compensation plan. Though the state does not require you pay into the plan, there are a few important elements you must consider:

    • Do not wait for a small issue to turn tragic. Many slips and falls or dropped objects are the result of an employee who should not be on the clock. If you are having range of motion problems or tendinitis that limits your motor skills, do not continue working. Start a workers’ compensation claim for these issues now. If your employer tries to argue these are not covered by the program, he or she is wrong. Contact a personal injury attorney for a consultation.
    • Understand your rights and responsibilities. Navigating a workers’ comp claim can be tricky. For example, you must document and report an issue within 30 days. Furthermore, the program protects companies and their personnel from law suits; you cannot sue your employer, but if a third party (like a subcontractor or truck driver) negligently contributed to the accident, you might file a tort claim to recover the compensation to which you are entitled.

    There is far more to consider regarding workers’ compensation laws, the information you must present, and the forms you need to file. Check out our page for more information on the topic, and reach out to us if you need more help.


    In addition to workers’ compensation insurance, Macon Construction Accidents Lawyers can walk you through other legal options and areas that may be applicable in your case. For example, product liability could easily cause or magnify the effects of a construction site accident. Machines that are not maintained, faulty tools, or inadequate safety gear are areas that warrant investigation.

    However, there are a few requirements for proving this in your case. The equipment or item in question must have been used appropriately and directly contributed to the incident. This is just one example of the nuance that may go on behind the scene of an apparently simple claim. Sadly, without exploring these areas, you could easily lose thousands in compensation.


    Macon Construction Accidents AttorneyDo you know if negligence, product liability, or issues like distracted driving contributed to your accident? If they did, you could be entitled to damages that account for these issues. Only a thorough investigation by a competent, devoted legal team can uncover the entire truth behind a construction accident.

    The experienced advocates at Nelson & Smith have successfully represented thousands of personal injury claims. If you have been harmed in a construction accident, put our work injury law experts to work for you. It is easy to overlook a small detail on an insurance or health care agreement and write yourself out of the full amount you deserve. Safeguard your interests by starting with a free consultation today.