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    Macon Campus Accidents Lawyers

    Macon Georgia Campus Accidents Attorneys

    Macon Campus Accidents LawyersCollege is meant to be a time of personal, academic, and social growth. If a college or university fails in their duty to provide a safe environment for students, they need to be held accountable for any negligent practices, unsafe conditions, or lax security. Nelson & Smith Attorneys at Law believe all students should have a safe and properly maintained campus environment, and that all campus staff should be focused on the rights and safety of their students. When administrators don’t meet safety requirements, young adults may unnecessarily be put at risk.

    Types of Campus Accidents

    American schools and universities are required by federal laws to furnish their students with safe educational environments and facilities. Universities employ security staff that must be constantly vigilant of any potential threats to student safety. Youth and alcohol can sometimes be a factor in conflicts that happen on campus, and often innocent parties are caught in the middle of someone else’s bad decisions.

    If you’ve been injured on campus or have been the victim of an assault, your school may have been negligent in its duties to provide proper safety for the campus. Some of the most common campus accidents include:

    1. Slip and fall accidents. A slip and fall can potentially be a life-threatening or debilitating injury.
    2. Faulty facilities. Campuses are required to perform regular maintenance of all their grounds and facilities and must address any safety issues swiftly and thoroughly. Elevators, stairwells, lab equipment, and other facilities and resources must be properly maintained.
    3. Criminal activity. College campuses are very active places with lots of people passing through every day. Assaults, muggings, rapes, or other criminally-motivated personal injuries are unfortunately a concern for any college student.
    4. Automobile or pedestrian injuries. Campuses are required to maintain safe parking lots and structures, and ensure the flow of traffic is safe for the huge number of students walking between their classes.
    5. Sexual assaults and violence. The prevalence of sexual assaults on college campuses have become a growing national concern, and victims should understand they aren’t to blame for these attacks.
    6. Hazing injuries. While most fraternities and sororities have adopted strict anti-hazing policies, it is still an unfortunate reality that many university students are injured as a result of pranks, stunts, or other types of hazing rituals.


    Macon Campus Accidents AttorneyGeorgia follows a comparative negligence law, meaning that if you have been injured in any type of accident caused by the negligent behavior of another party, you are entitled to fair compensation even if you were partially at fault. The evidence of the case will determine your “fault percentage,” and the amount of compensation you are eligible to receive will fluctuate accordingly.

    If you’ve been injured on campus, there are a few things that must be established to prove negligence. First is that the campus owed you a duty of care to provide you with a safe environment and facilities. Secondly, you must prove the school violated that duty or failed to fulfill it. And finally, you must show the court that your injuries were the direct result of the school’s failing to provide adequate safety. Competent Macon Campus Accidents Lawyers should strive to keep your case from requiring a trial and obtain a fair settlement outside of court, but this isn’t always feasible.

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    Nelson & Smith Attorneys at Law specialize in every kind of personal injury case and will exhaust every option to obtain just recompense for our clients. If you’ve been injured on campus, call us to talk to experienced Macon Campus Accidents Lawyers who can offer compassionate legal counsel to help you navigate your case. Visit our website, or call the professionals at Nelson & Smith to get to work on your campus accident case. We serve Middle Georgia in Cordele, Tifton, Hawkinsville, Dublin, Warner Robins and Milledgeville.