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    Macon Burn Injuries Lawyers

    Serving Burn Injury Victims in the Macon, Dublin, and Hawkinsville Areas of Georgia

    Macon Burn Injuries LawyersAny type of personal injury case will have its difficulties, but burn cases are especially sensitive matters. More often than not, burn victims carry the scars and trauma of their ordeal for the rest of their lives. Burn injuries are not only excruciatingly painful, they are difficult to treat, and treatments can be expensive and lengthy.

    Nelson and & Smith Attorneys at Law know how to handle burn injury cases, and we will provide compassionate legal counsel every step of the way. A good Macon Burn Injuries Lawyers’ first thought will be how to achieve the maximum amount of compensation for his or her client by settling outside of court, but litigation is often unavoidable. Our injury lawyers will aggressively and tirelessly defend our clients and explore every available option to secure any possible opportunities for compensation.

    Types of Burns

    Burns are typically caused by four environmental factors:

    1. Thermal burns are the most common types of burn injuries, and are associated with flames, hot liquids, or explosions.
    2. Chemical burns are caused by household and industrial chemical hazards and can cause serious damage through exposure or if they are handled incorrectly.
    3. Contact with high-voltage electrical sources or other electrical discharges can cause electrical burns.
    4. Radiation burns may result from prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light sources or microwaves. Sunburn in the most commonly seen radiation burn.

    Most people are familiar with the degree scale of assessing the severity of burns. First-degree burns only affect the topmost layer of skin and typically heal within days or weeks. Second-degree burns damage the underlying skin layers, are typically much more painful and take longer to heal. Third-degree burns will damage the entirety of the skin, and require extensive medical care or skin grafts. Fourth-degree burns are the most severe, and can damage the tissues or bones under the skin.

    Lasting Effects

    No matter how serious a burn may be, it is still one of the most painful injuries a person can endure, and its effects can be psychologically damaging as well. Even first-degree burns can cause complications if they damage the victim internally, or impede a person’s ability to function on a daily basis.

    Thermal burns carry a high risk of infections and require immediate medical treatment and possibly tetanus boosters. Chemical burns may damage the respiratory system of the victim if he or she inhaled any dangerous fumes. This creates an opportunity for the victim to suffer extended internal damage if the burn’s internal effects go unnoticed for too long.

    Electrical burn injuries run the risk of cardiovascular complications, as well as a condition known as compartment syndrome. This means that a compartment of muscles and nerves in the body is not receiving adequate blood flow or oxygen, and usually requires immediate surgical intervention before the victim loses functionality of that region of their body. Radiation burns can cause skin cancer.

    Negligence and Litigation

    Macon Burn Injuries AttorneyBurn injuries are more than just physically traumatizing. The initial and ongoing pain and the lasting scars burns typically leave can result in a permanently altered appearance and post-traumatic stress disorder. If you were suffered a burn as a result of another’s negligence, that person or organization should be held accountable, and you deserve fair compensation for your injuries and their lasting effects.

    Nelson & Smith Attorneys at Law have extensive experience in all types of personal injury law. Our Macon Burn Injuries Lawyers specialize in personal injury so that we can fully commit to exploring every possible option for our clients, and our approach to personal injury always involves a trial strategy should litigation be unavoidable. If you have been burned and are suffering as a result, you don’t need to carry the burden alone. Reach out to our legal experts to start reviewing your case.