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    Macon Broken Bones and Fractures Lawyers

     Serving Injury Victims Suffering from Broken Bones in Macon, Dublin, and Hawkinsville, Georgia

    Macon Broken Bones and Fractures LawyersBroken bones and fractures are extremely common injuries, but regardless of how common the injury, if you’ve been hurt due to someone’s negligence, it’s crucial to know your rights. In some unfortunate scenarios, your injury may have been the result of criminal activity, such as an aggravated assault.

    The Macon Broken Bones and Fractures Lawyers at Nelson & Smith Attorneys at Law know that while broken bones and fractures may not always be life-threatening, any that result from negligence need to be addressed by competent legal counsel. You don’t need to shoulder the burden of dealing with the medical expenses, prescriptions, potential physical therapy, or other possible permanent damage from a fractured or broken bone if someone else was at fault for it.

    Type of Breaks

    Bone fractures can result from any number of situations, but they are typically caused by high-impact trauma. Any type of fracture may result in edema (swelling) of the surrounding areas, muscle cramps and spasms in the connecting muscles, and severe pain. Damage to certain areas of the body such as the spinal cord may cause permanent problems.

    Traumatic fractures are common results of falls, traffic accidents, or fights. Bones can also weaken over time and cause a pathologic fracture, and the most common cause of pathologic bone fractures is osteoporosis. Individuals that have lost limbs may have complications from their prostheses, and a fracture to a replaced or artificial skeletal joint is known as a “periprosthetic” fracture.

    Possible Costs and Treatments

    Depending on the type of break and its location in the body, there are numerous additional conditions that can arise from a bone fracture. Compound fractures require immediate medical attention, and their healing can be lengthy and debilitating. These fractures break the bone out of place and carry a greatly increased risk of infection.

    Pathologic bone fractures are the result of internal and often invisible conditions. Osteoporosis is the leading contributing factor to bone fractures of this sort, and individuals with this condition are usually medicated and cannot risk strenuous or risky activities.

    Proving Negligence

    If you’ve suffered any type of bone fracture due to the negligence or carelessness of someone else, you deserve fair compensation. Proving the other party negligent involves establishing he or she had a duty to take reasonable care, disregarded or otherwise failed in that duty, and that failure directly caused your injuries. Workplace injuries will typically be covered by workers’ compensation benefits, but that isn’t always enough to cover the costs of your pain and suffering.

    If a personal injury case goes to trial, one of the challenges facing the plaintiff is proving the extent of the injuries. This is often not much of a concern in broken bone cases, as it is very difficult to argue with or disregard an x-ray that clearly shows the damage. Thorough Macon Broken Bones and Fractures Lawyers will make every effort to obtain the maximum possible settlement for a client without having to resort to litigation.

    Macon Broken Bones AttorneysMacon based Nelson & Smith Attorneys at Law specializes in personal injury cases. That means our personal injury attorneys have the experience to know exactly what we will need to pursue your claim in every capacity, and aggressively defend your rights. We will provide compassionate and thorough representation, and look for every possible option for just compensation in any broken bone case.

    If another party was responsible for your bone fracture, we’ll ensure that your medical bills, time lost from work, recovery costs, and pain and suffering are compensated. In workplace injury cases, we will explore every option for reparation for what workers’ compensation won’t cover. Visit the Nelson & Smith website and contact our legal team to start reviewing your case today.