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    Macon Brain Injuries Lawyers

    Experience and Expertise Fighting for Injury Victims in the Hawkinsville, Dublin and Macon Areas of Georgia

    Macon Brain Injuries LawyersBrain trauma is among the most grievous injury a person can suffer, and the effects of these injuries take a huge toll on their victims and their families. When brain injuries aren’t immediately fatal, the effects of any brain injury can last for years or a lifetime, and it is absolutely essential anyone suffering the effects of a brain injury understand his or her legal rights to compensation.

    Nelson & Smith Attorneys at Law has extensive experience with all manner of personal injury cases. Brain injuries need to be taken seriously and the cases involving them must be vigorously pursued from every angle.

    Traumatic Brain Injuries

    Any injury that physically damages the brain can be classified as a traumatic brain injury, or TBI. They can also potentially alter the course of the victim’s life permanently after the initial damage has been done. Some brain injuries that can be classified as TBIs include:

    1. Concussion. The most common TBIs are concussions, which are the result of sudden impacts or momentum changes. The initial symptoms will include dizziness, altered perception, and the pain that accompanies any injury that caused the concussion. Concussions are difficult to diagnose when there are no obvious signs, such as internal bleeding or skull fractures.
    2. Brain Contusions. A contusion is a bruise, or bleeding, on the brain. Direct impacts to the head often result in contusions, and often require surgical treatment. Symptoms are often similar to those of a concussion, but can include confusion, mood swings, nausea, seizures, or difficulty with motor functions. These injuries aren’t always visible.
    3. Penetrating Brain Injuries. A penetrating brain injury is the most obvious and straightforward; it involves any foreign object forced into the brain.

    Long-Lasting Effects

    Brain injuries without permanent repercussions are very rare. Almost every brain injury carries some potential for lasting effects, and some can destroy the victim’s quality of life, alter his or her personality, cause memory loss, or require consistent medical supervision and intervention, such as therapy and medications. Some of the lasting damage a brain injury can cause may include:

    1. Post-Concussion Syndrome. This condition is a possible result of suffering any kind of concussion and can cause severe headaches, difficulty concentrating, sudden mood swings, and irritability.
    2. Aphasia. Damage to the linguistic centers of the brain can cause the victim to lose their ability to speak coherently (expressive aphasia), or understand spoken language (receptive aphasia). This is obviously a severe impairment, and the chances of recovering or managing the effects depend on the severity of the brain damage.
    3. Sensory loss. The brain houses all of the sensory processing centers of the body, and one or all of the senses may be impaired or lost after a brain injury.

    Brain injuries devastate their victims, and total recoveries are rare. Any type of brain injury is dangerous, and the effects usually spread beyond physical impairment. Victims may be left unable to work, care for themselves, or communicate with others effectively. If a car accident, workplace mishap, or any other personal injury resulted in a brain injury, it’s vital for victims to obtain competent and compassionate legal aid.

    Macon Brain Injuries AttorneyIf you’ve suffered a brain injury as the result of a workplace accident or car accident, our team of Macon Brain Injuries Lawyers will not only guide you through the legal process of obtaining a fair settlement, but we will also explore every possible option to acquire all compensation possible to help ease the stresses of managing and overcoming your brain injury.

    The expert Macon Brain Injuries Lawyers of Nelson & Smith understand how overwhelming a brain injury can be for victims and their loved ones. Contact our team today to start reviewing your case or to get a free consultation.