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    Macon Boating Accidents Lawyers

    Fighting for Injured Clients in the Macon, Dublin,  and Hawkinsville Areas

    Macon Boating Accidents LawyersBoating laws vary by state, and Georgia has clear guidelines for safe boat operation. Any type of personal injury case will have several variables, but boating cases have some special legal considerations that a skilled Macon Boating Accidents Lawyers should evaluate in the event of an injury. Any boating accident will require an investigation of whether or not the offending party was operating a boat safely, following established guidelines for navigation and safety equipment, or operating under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

    If your boating accident occurred in landlocked waters within the state of Georgia, then you’ll need a personal injury lawyer to represent your case. Our legal experts know exactly what goes into a successful boating accident claim and will pursue every option to obtain fair compensation for our clients.

    Safe Boating Practices

    Anyone piloting a boat through the waters of Georgia must adhere to state laws and regulations regarding water safety. If you’ve been injured in a boating accident and the other party failed to act with reasonable care, did not properly maintain the vessel, or broke the law while boating and these factors contributed to your accident, that party should be held accountable.

    Some things to bear in mind before boating on Georgia’s waterways are:

    1. All aquatic vessels need to have safety equipment such as life preservers and flotation devices that are regularly inspected and maintained. Air horns, binoculars, flashlights and other signaling devices should be kept on board to adequately communicate with other boaters.
    2. Boaters also need to follow the navigational laws and fixtures, such as buoys and markers, and stay at reasonable speeds on the water.
    3. Drunk driving happens on the water as well as the road. If the offending party was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, he or she will be liable for any accidents, and you may be entitled to claim punitive damages if you are injured by an intoxicated boater.
    4. All boaters must be licensed and have their vehicles properly registered, tagged, and all identifying markings must be clearly visible. Boats should also be equipped with lighting fixtures for nighttime navigation, and visibility to other boaters.
    5. Inexperienced boaters commonly cause accidents. Anyone driving a boat should know exactly how to operate it and its limitations before going out on the water.
    6. The operator of the boat is responsible for the safety of his or her passengers. A boater who causes injury to passengers will likely be held accountable for damages.
    7. All boats need to be regularly inspected for seaworthiness. An unsafe or poorly maintained vessel may directly cause boating accidents or hazardous conditions onboard the vessel.

    If you were injured in a boating accident on international or interstate waters, your incident may fall within the mandates of maritime law. All other boating incidents that occur in the waters within the state of Georgia will be under the jurisdiction of Georgia state boating laws.

    Secure Professional Legal Aid

    Macon Boating Accidents AttorneyYour Macon Boating Accidents Lawyers need to evaluate every facet of your case thoroughly to determine if the other party was negligent and that his or her irresponsible actions caused your injuries. Proving negligence on the part of the defendant will strengthen your cause, enabling you to claim fair compensation for any medical expenses, property damage, and pain and suffering that resulted from the accident.

    Nelson & Smith Attorneys at Law know how to determine negligence in any Macon personal injury case, and we will work tirelessly on behalf of clients who have been injured in boating accidents. If the other party was operating a vehicle in an unsafe or irresponsible manner, you are entitled to just compensation. Visit our website or contact our legal experts to begin reviewing your boat accident today.