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    Macon Bicycle Accidents Lawyers

    Helping Victims of Bicycle Accidents in the Dublin, Macon, and Hawkinsville, GA Areas

    Macon Bicycle Accidents LawyersBicycling is a fantastic way to stay active and go green, and Georgia is practically made for this sport. Its rolling hills make for some of the most scenic views and enjoyable rides in the nation. Unfortunately, cyclists are especially vulnerable to serious injuries. The state has implemented several initiatives to increase awareness of pedestrians and bicycles, including partnerships with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition. Accidents still occur, however, and they are a serious problem on a national scale.

    Understanding Bike Accidents in Macon

    Bike accidents most commonly occur in urban areas. This may not be surprising, but they are also most common at non-intersections. Issues like turning in front of a cyclist, failing to yield, neglecting to look both ways or come to a complete stop, and driving under the influence are often to blame for these incidents. Here are a few safety measures that may prevent an accident or minimize its consequences:

    1. Staying alert. Drivers and cyclists must always beware their surroundings. It is easy to lose a bike rider in a blind spot or make an unsafe right turn across a bike lane, so always double check before making a maneuver.
    2. Wearing the right gear. The injury rate for bicyclists has fluctuated across different age groups and demographics, but the importance of wearing a helmet has been thoroughly proven: 63% of fatal accidents in 2013 involved a cyclist without a helmet. Helmets significantly reduce any injury to a rider’s head or face. Many fatal events involve damage to these areas, so this is crucial. Reflectors and keeping your bike well-maintained are also important.
    3. Understanding the law. A bike is considered a vehicle in Georgia. Get familiar with the laws involving riding with traffic and other cyclists, and what you need to do in the event of an accident.

    The Damages You Can Recover

    If you were injured in a bicycle accident, you can seek compensation with the help of Macon Bicycle Accidents Lawyers. Through this process, you may receive: 

    1. Compensation for medical expenses, including treatment, physical therapy, and any other costs related to your damages.
    2. Payment for lost wages due to missed work.
    3. Reparation for the wrongful death of a family member.

    Negligence plays a huge part in determining how much you can receive. Work with an experienced legal team to understand how this works in Georgia, and work toward the best possible outcome.

    Determining Negligence in Georgia

    Macon Bicycle Accidents AttorneyGeorgia follows comparative negligence laws to determine financial awards and liability. This system accounts for the role all parties play in an accident. Based on your fault percentage, you may or may not pursue damages. For example, you must be found less than 50% at fault for an accident in Georgia to file a successful personal injury claim. Any lower percentage is simply taken from the total amount awarded; so if you are deemed 25% at fault and awarded $20,000, you would ultimately receive $15,000.

    Factors like obeying traffic laws, drug or alcohol influence, and wearing the right reflective gear will help the state determine negligence. The opposing party will work to demonstrate the highest fault percentage possible on your end. Without the expertise of Macon Bicycle Accidents Lawyers on your side, you may not be compensated for a bicycle collision.

    Work with an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney in Macon, GA

    Nelson & Smith’s knowledgeable Macon Bicycle Accidents Lawyers have settled thousands of personal injury claims in our clients’ favor. By thoroughly investigating your accident and consulting with our network of professionals in fields like medicine and law enforcement, we will identify the damages you are eligible for and work tirelessly to recover the most compensation possible. Contact us for a free evaluation, and get started on the road to reclamation today.