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Back and Spinal Cord Injury Attorney in Macon, GA

An injury to the back or spinal cord can be devastating and has the potential to permanently disable someone. If you’ve suffered a back or spinal cord injury through any type of workplace incident or car accident, Nelson & Smith Attorneys at Law knows how damaging these injuries can be; their effects extend well beyond physical pain.

We consult top medical specialists to understand the full extent of our clients’ injuries. The severity of a spinal cord or back injury could jeopardize the victim’s ability to work and hinder the enjoyment they find in their personal life. The emotional toll these injuries take is immense, and our injury attorneys in Macon provide compassionate and comprehensive legal counsel for all of our clients who have suffered a back or spinal injury.


A spinal injury doesn’t just impede your immediate ability to work. A serious injury may prevent you from ever working again. Unfortunately, this type of injury typically ends careers, hinders future employment, and may necessitate permanent care and various types of therapies.

Workers’ compensation claims can be complicated, but our team knows how to compile and thoroughly research any type of work injury case. However, the effects of these injuries will cost well more than any workers’ compensation program can possibly provide. Many victims are unaware of other types of compensation that can help ease their financial burden, like additional claims.

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