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    Macon ATV Accidents Lawyers

    Legal Representation for Accident Victims in Macon, Georgia

    Macon ATV Accidents LawyersMany Georgian families know how much fun an ATV can be, whether you own some land in the country or like to race the all-terrain vehicles. Unfortunately, ATV accidents can be as costly as a highway collisions. In fact, a recent report accounted for a total 13,403 fatal incidents involving these vehicles over a 31-year period (1982-2013). Georgia alone had 348 lethal accidents from 1982-2009. You may only ride occasionally, but do you know what your legal rights are following an ATV collision?

    Review Your Legal Options

    Georgia personal injury claims boil down to negligence, but this can involve more than you and a property owner or another driver. Contact our Macon ATV Accidents Lawyers regarding your accident; they can review your situation and advise on a few circumstances that may affect your case. For instance:

    1. Was alcohol involved? ATVs are subject to many of the same laws as other Georgia vehicles. Distracted driving, speeding, or driving under the influence may affect your claim, whether you were in an ATV wreck or were struck by a vehicle operator.
    2. Was the ATV properly registered and insured? This can determine the amount of compensation awarded, whether you were carelessly allowed to operate an undocumented vehicle or another driver hit you. Furthermore, the ATV should be insured. Addressing an uninsured motorist is a separate field of personal injury law, so check that your legal team is equipped to handle such an issue.
    3. Was the ATV safe to operate? Faulty manufacturing or defective safety equipment is a serious issue. Along with insurance issues, your Macon accident and injury lawyer should understand defective product claims and whether or not it is relevant to your experience.

    Securing the Compensation You Deserve

    Your insurance or the other driver’s may cover medical expenses, mental anguish, and other damages caused by an ATV accident. However, this is an involved process. The insurance company will investigate the case and do its best to pay as little as possible. When this happens, you may find yourself budgeting for your future treatments and wondering how you will ever recover. A personal injury claim in Macon might be the solution for which you are hoping.

    Georgia’s comparative negligence laws mean you are entitled to compensation if you are less than 50% at fault for the accident. This applies to ATVs and other vehicles. This can account for the following issues, which may extend beyond what an insurance company wants to provide:

    1. Medical expenses, including current and future treatments and any equipment needed to sustain or support your wellbeing.
    2. Lost work. If you missed work or cannot return to the position you held, a personal injury claim can help you recover this absent revenue.
    3. Pain and suffering. Sometimes a debilitating injury means a victim is in pain for the rest of his or her life. Surgical procedures and non-invasive treatments may mitigate this pain, but how do you justify suffering that completely changes your quality of life? Financial compensation may not ease the pain physically, but it can ensure you can continue to seek the support you need.

    Macon ATV Accidents AttorneysEstablishing negligence is an essential aspect of receiving the money you need to recuperate and get your quality of life back to as close to pre-accident conditions as possible. Thus, investigating the incident and working with expert witnesses and specialists in the medical field should be a pivotal part of your case. When you sit down for a free consultation, verify that the legal team you are hiring is willing and prepared to exhaust these resources in your interest and have a great deal of experience

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