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What are the long term effects of Brain Injuries?

Published in brain injury,Personal Injury on January 16, 2019.

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can radically alter a person’s life. Not only do TBI’s have short-term dangers, but the effects could also last for the rest of the person’s life. It is estimated that nearly 5 million Americans are living with a TBI. The condition creates various challenges that hinder them from leading productive lives.

If you have a family member who is living with a TBI due to the negligence of another party, contact Blake Smith and Nelson & Smith Injury Lawyers. They have a solid winning case record when it comes to getting compensation for their clients.

Long-term effects of TBI

The effects of a TBI can start within hours or days of the accident. There may be a number of short-term symptoms like dizziness, headache, and vertigo. The long-term effects of a TBI include:

  1. Seizure
  2. Depression
  3. Parkinson’s Disease
  4. Aggression
  5. Psychosis
  6. Progressive Dementia

An individual suffering from a TBI will need the finances and medications needed to help them regain some portion of their life. An experienced TBI lawyer will pursue every avenue to ensure that the injured party received the care and compensation they are entitled to.

The types of injuries that cause long-term effects

There are three main types of injuries that can result in a TBI:

  • Closed head injuries – Closed head injuries are the most common. There is usually no wound or visible bleeding. The injury happens when the head is violently twisted or collided. While no bleeding may show externally, there can be internal bleeding.
  • Open wound injuries – These are classified as penetrating brain injuries that could have open exposure to the brain. Although these wounds are more graphic, the prognosis is better if the wound is confined to one area.
  • Crushing wounds – This happens if the head is crushed between objects. This can happen on the job during an accident with machinery. It can cause a great deal of interior and exterior damage.

All of these TBI injuries can be devastating. The prognosis can cause the family a great deal of stress. Your attorney will help the family navigate through this very difficult time. They will be your advocate from start to finish.

Blake Smith understands the tremendous emotional pain and suffering a family goes through when their loved one is hurt. He will utilize his extensive skills to make the family whole.

If you are in need of help, call us at Nelson & Smith for professional and compassionate legal help. We offer free consultations and case evaluations. Let us alleviate all of the financial pressures so you and your family can get your life back on track.

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