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Dublin Personal Injury Attorney

Named for the city of Dublin in Ireland, Dublin, Georgia is home to one of the biggest Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations in the South. Maybe you’re in town to see the Beaverdam Wildlife Management Area or the Market on Madison. Perhaps you’re touring the south, or moving to the middle Georgia region permanently. No matter the reason for your stay or how long it may be, if you’ve recently moved to the area or are enjoying an extended stay, it’s important to know who to turn to in the event of a personal injury.

Nelson & Smith Attorneys at Law provide specialized personal injury representation. We know how stressful, painful, and emotionally taxing any kind of injury can be, and we believe you shouldn’t have to deal with it alone. Our experienced Dublin injury attorneys have secured millions of dollars for our clients in thousands of cases, involving auto, truck, slip and fall or work injury  and we work diligently to ensure every facet of every case is fully understood.

We provide experienced and thoughtful legal counsel to a variety of personal injury cases. Among many others, some of the types of cases we will represent are:

Truck Accident Lawyers

Any type of vehicle crash can be terrifying, and those that involve big rigs are especially dangerous due to the size of these vehicles. Truck drivers hold a duty of care to operate their vehicles in accordance with the rules of the road and under safe conditions. In some cases, a driver may be considered negligent for causing a crash.

Truckers work long hours and run on tight deadlines, but some of them push themselves too far, and operate their vehicles under the influence of drugs, or without adequate rest. We understand how many details are at work in any trucking accident and will make certain the driver, trucking company, and any at-fault manufacturers accept their share of the blame for your injuries.

Back and Spinal Injuries

Personal injury of any kind is stressful and painful, but back and spinal injuries are some of the most dangerous wounds a person can suffer, and the lasting effects can change the quality of the rest of your life.

Nelson & Smith only consults top experts in any legal case, and our back injury lawyers in Dublin will make certain the full extent of your damages is accurately assessed, and the parties responsible are held accountable for any potential negligence. Back injuries can result in paralysis, loss of limb functions, and chronic pain or frailty that will last the rest of your life. After an injury of this magnitude, it’s crucial that you have competent legal experts who will aggressively defend your right to fair compensation.

Dublin Car Accident Lawyers

No matter what type of injury you may have suffered in the Dublin area, we can help. Our legal experts know what any type of personal injury case requires and will pursue every available option on behalf of our clients. These are just examples of the breadth of personal injury cases we’ll manage for you. Nelson & Smith Attorneys at Law have a unique approach to personal injury and are always prepared to battle for our clients’ rights in court if litigation becomes a necessity.

We specialize in personal injury, prepare for any eventuality for litigation, and provide compassionate and thorough legal counsel for every one of our clients. No matter what type of personal injury you’ve suffered, it’s vital to have competent legal professionals who will fight tirelessly on your behalf. If you’ve experienced any type of personal injury in the Dublin area, our experienced team of accident and injury lawyers can begin the discussing the details of your case and what compensation you can expect. Contact the professionals at Nelson & Smith for a free consultation.

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