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Injuries Associated with Explosions

Published in Workers Compensation on June 25, 2019.

Explosion accidents that occur on the job in Georgia are unfortunately all too common. Some workers, depending upon where they work, are more at risk than others. Workers who are most at risk for suffering injuries in an explosion accident include mine workers, gas and oil workers, power plant workers, underground cable and sewer repair workers, and paint factory workers.

If you have been involved in an explosion accident while you were working at your job, and you suffered one or more serious injuries, you might be eligible to file a claim for workers’ compensation against your employer. The skilled Georgia workers’ compensation lawyers at Nelson & Smith Attorneys at Law can investigate how your accident occurred and could file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits on your behalf. Our experienced legal team represents injured workers in and around Macon, Dublin, and Tifton, Georgia.

Injuries Suffered in an Explosion Accident

Explosions are very dangerous and traumatizing experiences that could affect the injured worker for many years to come. The injuries that a worker may suffer in an explosion accident depend largely upon how far away the worker was standing at the time of the explosion. Common injuries suffered in these accidents include:

Pursuing Workers’ Compensation Benefits 

Workers’ compensation benefits are available no matter who is at fault for the explosion that caused your injuries. To be eligible for these benefits, you must have been injured while you were working at your job and while you were working within the scope of your employment. 

Once you file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits in the State of Georgia, you could pursue a variety of different benefits. First, you might be eligible to recover the costs of your medical bills and lost wages incurred while you were treating for and recovering from your injuries. You may also be eligible to recover benefits for permanent impairment if you suffered a permanent injury as a result of the explosion accident. If you were injured so severely that you are not physically able to return to the same job or occupation, you might be eligible to pursue a claim for vocational rehabilitation benefits. 

Call a Georgia Workers’ Compensation Attorney about Your Explosion Injury Today

Injuries suffered in a workplace explosion accident can be serious and have the potential to affect you in the long term. If you were injured on the job because of an explosion accident, you might be able to pursue workers’ compensation benefits from your employer. At Nelson & Smith Attorneys at Law, our legal team can first determine if you are eligible to recover workers’ compensation benefits. If so, we can pursue those monetary benefits on your behalf from your employer. 

To schedule a free consultation or case evaluation with a Georgia workers’ compensation lawyer, call us today at (478) 746-1468 or contact us online for help with your legal matter.  

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