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How to find the right Wrongful Death Lawyer?

Published in wrongful death on January 25, 2018.

Wrongful death cases are similar to personal injury cases in Georgia, the only difference being that the victim is not able to bring their claim to court, so the deceased person’s family members reach out to an attorney for help. This can be an especially difficult time, trying to deal with the loss of a loved one and also to hold the guilty party accountable. This is just more reason to leave this to a skilled Wrongful Death Lawyer while you and any family deal with your loss.

We are going to discuss a few tips when searching for the right Wrongful Death Lawyer who will fight on behalf of your loved one.

Dealing with Wrongful Death Cases – when you are looking to hire the best attorney to represent your deceased family member, the key is finding a professional who specializes in these cases. If the local law firm is currently working on DUI cases, Family Law cases, and Criminal Law cases, perhaps wrongful death cases are not within their area of expertise. Look for a lawyer who handles these types of cases all year long and has a good reputation doing so.

Reputation in the Community – Visit the website of the personal injury lawyer and you should find plenty of testimonials from local residents who have utilized their services. The best law firms will gladly provide you with references if requested, allowing you to get a better insight to how they have handled challenging cases like yours in the past.

Number of Successful Cases – Even though the attorney has tried several wrongful death cases, it is important to know the end result before proceeding. Inquire about how many cases similar to yours have been tried this year, how many settled out of court, and the percentage of cases they have won for their clients. The more cases this law firm has settled out of court, the more it proves that their team has the ability to convince the defendant that it’s not worth a long battle in court.

Free Initial Consultation – If you still have questions about your Wrongful Death Attorney, take advantage of their free initial consultation. This is your chance to meet your attorney in person and discuss all of those questions and concerns you have before moving forward and signing any contract. During this meeting, one thing that will happen in addition to having all your questions addressed is that you will get a feel for the personality of your attorney. This may be a long and tedious case, therefore you want someone who you feel comfortable around during this lengthy period.

To better understand who may file the lawsuit on behalf of the deceased, refer to:

Don’t waste valuable time and risk losing vital evidence. Georgia law is very specific about the time frames to file these cases, so now is the time to reach out to Nelson & Smith so they can begin the process of collecting important evidence and helping you to hold those responsible for the loss you have suffered.

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