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How long can it take to settle a wrongful death claim?

Published in wrongful death on June 29, 2018.

When examining the question of how long a wrongful death case can take to settle it is important to remember that each one of these cases is unique. The short answer is that some of these cases will literally wrap up in a matter of months while others will take from 1 to 4 years to settle completely. A Tifton wrongful death lawyer is dedicated to this process and will patiently help you navigate each phase of this tricky court situation. Obviously, any cases that go to trial will take longer. However, it is important to know that even a case settled without a trial can take a while simply because it takes time for a wrongful death attorney to thoroughly investigate every facet of the case. In the state of Georgia, there are many actions ranging from simple negligence to outright homicide that can result in a wrongful death case, and each situation takes time to wind through the judicial system.

There are a lot of reasons why it is in your best interest to be patient throughout the process. Even if the wheels of justice seem to turn slowly, it is important that you see it through. Here are some reasons why:

First of all, a good wrongful-death attorney will ensure you get the most money possible. They will do this by thoroughly investigating your case and leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit of the appropriate legal recourse for you. This is important because most insurance companies will want you to settle quickly so they can give you as little a settlement amount as possible. A good wrongful-death attorney will not allow that to happen.

Another reason why you would want a wrongful death lawyer who will take their time is because of the fact there might be injuries revealed with further investigation, which would be after the insurance company has paid a regular settlement.

It is also important to note that an experienced wrongful death attorney will not necessarily speed up the process. This is because they want to ensure that all official records are gathered to help the process. They will also be constantly seeking the best opportunities for a good settlement. These attorneys realize that the best ways to maximize your compensation might take some extra time. However, they are willing to do it because they realize that you deserve the most amount of compensation possible for your wrongful death and the pain associated with it.

Do you have a wrongful death claim that needs to be resolved? If so, call David Ricks and the rest of the team at Nelson & Smith and they will be the dedicated professionals you need to get the justice you deserve and maximize your compensation to the highest levels. David Ricks will stop at nothing to make sure your wrongful death case is resolved in your favor in the best way!

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