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How long can I claim Workers’ Compensation for?

Published in Workers Compensation on October 25, 2018.

Getting hurt at work is very scary and traumatizing. Employers must purchase workers’ compensation insurance to provide benefits to employees who are hurt at work. The employee can apply for and receive these benefits, including wage replacement if they are approved by their employer. But, this does not always happen. Sometimes, employers do not approve the benefits and the employee is forced to obtain an attorney.

Benefits can include wage replacement and medical treatments. Employees are required to report a work-related injury as soon as possible, but no longer than 30 days after the accident. The employer is responsible for offering at least six doctors to get medical attention from. However, if it is an emergency, any doctor can treat the employee until the emergency is resolved.

Injured workers in Georgia are eligible for up to 400 weeks of workers’ compensation benefits. If an employee is out for 21 days or more, they are eligible for benefits back to the first day of injury. So, it is important for the employee to report the accident right away and contact an attorney. This will make sure all their rights are protected and they can begin getting wage replacement and medical attention as soon as possible.

If an employer denies workers’ compensation benefits and the employee cannot work, they will suffer significantly. Not only will they be hurt and potentially not be able to get medical treatment, but they will have no income. This causes trauma upon the already injured employee and their family. There will be physical, emotional, and financial damages caused by an employer denying benefits. It is possible for the employee to lose their home, their cars, other assets, and not be able to feed their family. These are all terrible consequences if benefits are wrongly denied.

Even if the workers’ compensation benefits are approved, the employee should still consult with an attorney. Sometimes the insurance company tries to clear the employee for work before they are really ready. This is when an attorney can be good to have because they can be advocates in the situation and get the employee the time they need to recuperate. During recuperation is no time for the employee to have to worry about complex law and wondering if they are being taken advantage of by some insurance company.

It is important to do some research and find an attorney who specializes in workers’ compensation. The law can be complex, and they need someone on their side. They need someone who will look out for their interests and get them the best outcome possible. An attorney can walk an employee through the process of filing a claim, getting medical treatments, and a potential hearing with a judge, who may have to decide the case.

Blake Smith with Nelson & Smith Attorneys at Law can help fight for your rights and represent you with the insurance company and their attorneys. The law firm is well-versed in personal injury law and workers’ compensation matters. So, give Blake Smith a call and get a free case evaluation.