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Head Injury

Will Helmets Save You from a Head injury? Published in Head Injury,Motorcycle Accident on February 15, 2021.

Helmets have saved countless lives over many decades. They aren’t perfect and can’t save you from every head injury. Still, they are proven to reduce head injuries. Anyone facing a head injury should seek the help of a qualified attorney as soon as possible. Whether getting on a motorcycle, riding your bike, or participating in another sport, wearing a helmet… READ MORE

What Should I Do if I Think I’ve Had a Concussion Published in Head Injury on December 7, 2016.

A concussion is a common injury that can occur in virtually any type of personal injury accident. From car crashes to slip and falls, concussions are a potential outcome. Although there is no one definition of a concussion, physicians classify it as any jolt or blow to the head that disrupts brain function. Depending on the severity of a concussion,… READ MORE