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    Hawkinsville Truck Accident Lawyers

    Georgia roadways are major thoroughfares relied upon by the commercial trucking industry. Annually, about 150 people are killed in accidents involving collisions with semi-trucks, according to the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety in Georgia. Hundreds more are injured, and oftentimes seriously so. About 75 percent of all people injured in accidents with semi-trucks are occupants of passenger cars involved in collisions with big rigs.

    If you’ve been involved in an accident with a commercial rig, you very well may be suffering significant injuries and other losses. Whist you deal with your medical issues, you may also wonder what steps you need to take to protect your important legal interests.

    Part of protecting your legal interests is coming to a basic understanding of essential elements of a Georgia truck accident case. In addition, you need to appreciate the importance of retaining the professional assistance of qualified legal counsel, like Hawkinsville Truck Accident Lawyers from the Nelson & Smith law firm.

    Justice and Compensation in a Georgia Semi-truck Accident Case

    In the final analysis, justice in a Georgia truck accident case really depends upon an injured person like you obtaining an appropriate financial settlement or judgment in a personal injury lawsuit. Compensation in a semi-truck collision case depends upon the circumstances surrounding the accident. The extent of injuries you sustained also are part of the equation. Understanding these parameters, the type of injuries and losses for which Hawkinsville Truck Accident Lawyers will seek money for a client include:

    • medical expenses
    • pain and suffering
    • emotional distress and mental anguish
    • permanent disability
    • lost wages or salary
    • property loss or damage

    Justice in a semi-truck accident case typically necessitates compensation beyond money to pay for existing losses. The reality is that you injuries are likely to require ongoing medical care and treatment. You may be unable to return to work in the immediate future. In fact, you may never be able to maintain the type of job you held before the accident. Pain may afflict you indefinitely. All of this represents the types of ongoing injuries, damages, and losses that need to be part of a comprehensive settlement or lawsuit judgment.

    In a limited number of semi-truck accident cases, a truck accident lawyer may be able to pursue what are known as punitive or exemplary damages. Punitive or exemplary damages represent additional money rewarded in cases in which the conduct of the party or parties responsible for a commercial truck accident is considered to be particularly egregious or reckless.

    Common Causes of Semi-Truck Accident Case

    Each commercial truck accident has its unique set of underlying causes. With that said, there are some more common causes of a Georgia semi accident. These include:

    Accidents caused by a distracted of inattentive big rig driver are quite commonplace and encompass a number of issues including texting, talking on a mobile device, eating, drinking, and checking a GPS or map.

    Hire Skilled Hawkinsville Truck Accident Lawyers from Nelson & Smith

    The legal team at Nelson & Smith has a broad background in representing people who have been injured in Georgia semi-truck accidents. You can schedule an initial appointment with the firm at a time convenient for you. There is no charge to you for an initial consultation.

    At an initial consultation, you can get answers to questions you have about your case and the legal process associated with it. Nelson & Smith will provide an evaluation of your case as well.

    An injured person like you typically is best served by taking a proactive approach to hiring a lawyer. For example, do not agree to answer questions put forth by the insurance company for the trucking company until you consult with an experienced lawyer. Insurance companies exist to make money for their stockholders. They work tirelessly to minimize the amount of money paid out in settlements to increase profits for shareholders.