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    Hawkinsville Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

    As of 2011, the Department of Transportation showed there were 8,410,255 motorcycles registered in the U.S. by both private and commercial owners. which was twice the number of motorcycles in 2006.

    Motorcycles have been a rapidly growing type of transportation in the United States since 2005. The state of California is recorded as having the most motorcycles registered with over 800,000 by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or the NHTSA.

    Georgia is 12th with approximately 250,000 motorcycles registered on the streets, and NHTSA reports motorcycles are growing in popularity at a rapid rate.

    In 2013, over 8.4 million bikes were registered for the streets or about 1 in 36 U.S. citizens now own a motorcycle. Motorcycles have many benefits including they’re less expensive to purchase than cars, they get much better fuel economy, and because of their size, they find easy accessibility in parking and storage.

    The only problem is that a motorcycle rider takes a huge risk when it comes to riding on the streets because statistics show that motorcycles are 26 times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash and five times more likely to be injured in one than the driver or passengers in an automobile. The U.S. Department of Transportation reports that, on the average, 56 percent of cars hit motorcycles head-on, and this most often occurs when the motorcycle is making a left-hand turn. Only 16 percent of car/motorcycle accidents occur when a car hits the back of the bike.

    These risks are the reason why motorcycle riders need to be extremely alert and aware and to protect their rights of recovery after an accident. Finding experienced and effective Hawkinsville Motorcycle Accident Lawyers is the best way to accomplish that. Hawkinsville is located in the center of Georgia in Pulaski County, and if you are injured in a motorcycle accident, Nelson and Smith are a superior team who have been successful Hawkinsville Motorcycle Accident Lawyers for over 20 years.

    We are aware that riding a motorcycle in traffic is very dangerous. Motorcycle riders must be continually aware of the traffic around them. A motorcycle gets lost in traffic, and cars and trucks can’t see them. Motorcycle riders need to drive defensively, and it is highly recommended to take a motorcycle class before you “hit the streets.” Never drive while intoxicated or using drugs; the risk is too great, and even a slight accident can be fatal for a motorcycle rider.

    If you have been injured in a motorcycle crash in Georgia, it is imperative that you contact an experienced personal injury firm immediately. The Nelson & Smith Law Firm is a trusted Firm with experienced Hawkinsville Motorcycle Accident Lawyers that have represented thousands of clients, recovering millions of dollars in benefits. We are compassionate for our clients but passionate in contending in court for the compensation they are due.

    Nelson & Smith are committed to obtaining 100 percent of the benefits their clients are entitled to because they know that even the national insurance companies try to reduce their payments as much as possible, and rarely repay over 60 percent of the total damages. Time missed from work and emotional trauma is never included in insurance estimates, but Nelson & Smith believe these are a huge loss for you. We offer additional assistance by assisting you in other areas, such as talking to bill collectors until your settlement comes through.

    We understand that even though there are millions of crashes on the country’s highways every year when they happen to you, they disrupt your entire life. Medical appointments and bills and vehicle problems cause incredible stress, and our team will help ensure you obtain the proper medical care and other financial consequences of the accident.

    If you have been injured in a motorcycle crash that was no fault of your own, contact Nelson & Smith and schedule a free consultation to discuss the details and your rights. Our firm never charges any fees until the case is won for you, and you have received the settlement. We take pride in helping our clients in every way possible to reduce the trauma they have experienced, and we look forward to talking with you.