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How do you file a workers compensation claim?


Published in Workers Compensation on January 24, 2019.

What is important to know when filing for Workers’ Compensation?

Should a person become injured or ill, as a result of performing their duties at work, they may be entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits are designed to pay for an individual’s medical care as well as any rehabilitation that is required. In some situations, individuals may receive some compensation for wages if they miss any work. In order to receive this benefit, a person will file a claim. They must then follow the procedures established by the state of Georgia.

Medical Care

When someone is injured or becomes sick at work, they should immediately seek medical care. That person should report the situation to their supervisor as soon as possible. In Georgia, if a person waits over a month to report their injury or sickness, it will become unlikely that they receive benefits. If an employer does not cooperate when someone files a workers’ compensation claim, the employee should contact their local workers’ compensation office.

Claim form

An employer will have to provide certain forms to the employee who is seeking workers’ compensation. Once these forms are completed, it is the responsibility of the employer to submit them to their insurance carrier. In Georgia, the claimant needs to fill out a Form WC-14. It then needs to be filed with the State Board of Workers’ Compensation. The claimant should also provide a copy of the completed WC-14 to the employer who should then file it with their workers’ compensation insurance provider.

Claim Approval

If the employee’s claim is not disputed by their employer or their employer’s insurance provider, it will be instantly approved. When this happens, the individual who is claiming will be contacted by an adjuster from the insurance company. The adjuster will provide all the necessary information a claimant needs about submitting medical bills for payment and more.

Claim Denial

It is possible an employer will fight their employee’s workers’ compensation claim. There are also situations where the insurance company will deny a workers’ compensation claim. When this happens, a person has the right to request a hearing about their case before the State Board of Workers’ Compensation. This is when they can appeal against the denial of their claim. A personal injury attorney can help with filling out the required paperwork and sending it to the workers’ compensation board. These hearings are a complex legal process. The court procedures involve specific requirements. Being represented by an experienced personal injury attorney makes a great difference between success and an overall case denial.


If a person’s injury is not permanent and does not result in them losing income, they may only get paid for their medical bills. Should a person be unable to work for a temporary amount of time; they should get a check to cover their lost wages. This can begin within the first two weeks after the claim has been approved. When a person has recovered and returns to work, their employer will contact the insurance company to ensure they stop sending checks to the employee.


When a person has been injured and wants to file a claim for workers’ compensation, they should contact Nelson & Smith. These legal professionals will be able to help any person wishing to file a claim, by explaining the entire process. They know what is necessary to turn a denial in a worker’s compensation claim, into an approval and much more.

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