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Common Violations of Federal Trucking Regulations


Published in Personal Injury,truck accident on February 8, 2021.

Federal trucking regulations serve the purpose of keeping people safe. When they are violated, everyone loses. If one of these violations caused your accident, you deserve compensation for your injuries. A seasoned attorney can help you recover financially from your accident.

The United States government has enacted federal trucking regulations to increase safety within the commercial trucking industry. These laws, governed by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), help prevent and decrease accidents, injuries, and deaths. However, they can’t work if the trucking industry doesn’t follow them. 

Violating federal trucking regulations can lead to steep fines and other severe penalties. Even more concerning, it also threatens public safety by increasing the chance of a crash. Macon truck accident lawyers have helped many clients who were injured in trucking accidents related to federal trucking regulations violations. If you were seriously injured in a recent trucking accident, they can help you too.  Here are some of the most common and dangerous violations of federal laws in the trucking industry.

Hiring & Training Violations

Trucking companies are supposed to screen potential drivers, validate their credentials, and assess their professional driving record for any history of accidents or FMCSA violations. They should also check their truckers’ medical histories to find out if they have disqualifying medical conditions. Trucking companies are also supposed to give their truck drivers necessary training. However, all of these requirements are frequently violated, often due to costs and time constraints.

Hours-of-Service (HOS) Violations

FMCSA limits how many hours a truck driver can drive each day, each shift, and in a seven-day period. They also require that drivers receive a certain number of breaks and the minimum length of their breaks. If drivers exceed these limits or fake compliance by falsifying their logbooks, they are breaking HOS laws. These types of violations occur far too frequently. A Macon truck accident lawyer can help identify HOS violations and hold the appropriate parties accountable. 

Drug Testing Violations

The law also requires commercial carriers to test their drivers for drugs during their hiring process, randomly, and after an incident such as a wreck. Furthermore, they must record the dates and results of the tests and maintain those records. If they don’t, they are violating federal laws. 

Truck Inspection and Maintenance Violations

Commercial truck owners must inspect, maintain, and repair their trucks regularly to keep them in safe working order. Failing to perform these duties violates the law and puts everyone in the driver’s path in danger.

Cargo Securement Violations

Large commercial trucks are especially at risk when their cargo isn’t properly balanced or loaded. Failing to ensure this as well as not using tie-downs or otherwise mobilizing their load when necessary, is a violation of the standards set forth by the government.


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